Akashic Records- 7D Manifesting: Live your Design Course

Energy Exchange of $2,688.00

Soul's Manifesting Design at the 7D is essentially the recipe for how one's Soul has figured out how to "densify" itself so it can experience itself as Creator. 

Your origination= Soul Blueprint/DNA. The Soul's Manifesting Blueprint arises after Origination as the Soul starts translating itself into more individuated dimensions. Do understand the Manifesting Blueprint evolves outside of linear time, like the Energy Centers and Soul Group, it is a core part of the Soul's identity and original design. 

Manifesting takes a lot less time than you think ... small, interim results, both positive and de-selective, can arrive within twenty-four hours upon a shift or an action, sometimes less depending on vibration rate!

As with the Energy Centers/DNA, the principle of "We create the way we were created" applies to Manifesting Blueprint as well. 

It is important to be energetically neutral and focus on energy alignment when it comes to manifestation, instead of developing an egoic attachment. How will developing an egoic attachment to manifestation look like? ->( Eg. There must be a lesson I have to learn first, This must not be in my highest good, The Universe does not want this for me.)

Often if you have a heart-felt desire for something, it has to be available if not the desire wouldn't exist. Not manifesting is simply because what you want, you are not yet vibrationally congruent, not manifesting has nothing to do with readiness, or deservingness..., it is simply about energetic alignment which you can easily change if you are willing to.

Through this session, I will be happy to help you with setting intentions for what you want to create in the next 6 months through checking possibilities in the Akashic Records. Manifesting is about experiencing yourself within your Creatorship, the "how" usually reveals itself, step by step, as you shift further into vibrational congruence to your desired outcome. 
(An intention isn't a plan. A vague or unrealistic intention will make it hard for reality to be possible.)

You will be given a detailed analysis of your current comparative measurements which is how your Soul is designed to experience itself through comparison and contrast. You will receive information on how to align your choices to how you are designed to experience your Divinity so that you will be manifesting with greater ease. You will be given the recipe for how you are made to shift easily from one vibrational state to another. Think of each step in the recipe as "filter" that you can use to help refine your choices so that you can more effectively create what you want. 

When can you use the Manifesting blueprint?
- Anytime, in anything! Manifesting a new romantic partner? Manifesting stability in a shift? Manifesting more abundance in your current workplace? 

You will receive 
1. Detailed Analysis of the Manifesting Blueprint, homework for each of the filters. 

2. Understanding phases of manifestation and what is the manifesting process? Understanding how do you manifest 'self-sabotage' and how does manifestation of "self-sabotage" looks like? 

3. Detailed Life Area Analysis using the Manifesting Blueprint (we look into the 7 life areas, because a misalignment in one life area would mean misalignment in other areas as well). 

4. 3x weekly call of 60 minutes each (the last call will be a follow-up on intention setting and actions plan because understanding how you initiate and sustain your manifesting process will change the way you look at your initial intentions)

5. Short follow-up of 30 minutes on understanding and goals setting a month later

Result show up once alignment is achieved- it is not about time, it is about vibration rate.  

The goal of Manifesting Blueprint is you truly understand your own design for manifesting, so that you can apply this understanding to the creation of your human experience, as the Divine Being You are. 

Pre-Requisite for this course: Basic Discovery of Soul DNA

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The session allows myself to look at myself squarely at the face as it is. It is like a book of records, stating all facts about myself thus far. It can be disheartening to know, but at the same time it is also a point of knowing so as to improve, heal, re-discover more. There were a lot of details and points of reflection, homework and understanding, digesting and planning to put future thoughts and actions forward. The transformation phase is both delightful and painful. The process allows me to be empowered in planning, redirecting my thoughts and actions to be better aligned with my energy center. In the process of constant action and reflection, I find myself getting better at it. And it’s really encouraging, blissful and empowering for me to propel forward. However it can also be trying and tiring to remind myself to shift out of my comfort zone, be reflective and be consciously alert to catch myself in my thinking, and actions that are not aligned to my energy cords. Honestly I never expect to feel better or even expect myself to see possible fruition not because I doubted myself but because I dont know what to expect. I persisted because I see the long term goal of my soul’s rediscovery, and shedding what needs to be shed. And simply I don’t wish to repeat again in the future or next lifetime. To me the values are intrinsic. Opportunities and abundance are felt when I’m in alignment with my energy center and these are extrinsic- the motivators to keep myself going.


Compared to the 1st report, where I knew I needed to make changes but couldn’t interpret the messaging and what action to take, there were more details and explanations in the 2nd report. This report also included soul energy centres which help understand how we truly are versus how we are currently thinking and acting. I struggled a lot at the start to even comprehend and to consciously choose to think and act in a way that’s more aligned. I wasn’t very in tune with energy work nor was I familiar with healing either. My body didn’t react well as I kept feeling I needed to eat vegetable meals and constantly felt very sleepy and tired. However, I was committed to working on myself. @Yuniversespeaks’s explanation helped me understand what I could look out for, both in negative parts about report and also being more in my own divinity. I became less affected by external triggers which negatively influenced and stressed me for months. I felt more peaceful, more connected with other humans who were the topic of discussion even when they were not physically present with me, and also did not mindlessly kill insects any more. I also understood everyone is at their own stage of their journey and had the right to choose whatever they needed to make themselves happy, even when it didn’t make sense to me. With help of the energy, I gradually came to realization what i had normalized can be as insignificant and small as cocoons appearing in my room, my thoughts on ‘this is normal’ and the people around me also think likewise when maybe it shouldn't be, and me taking tools around me for granted and not appreciating them enough. @Yuniversespeaks also helped nudge me in the right direction, and introduced me to other people who were willing to share their experiences along our similar journeys so it didn’t feel like I was the only one experiencing challenges. After around half a year from my 2nd alignment, I got more than what I was looking for, which was to get out of a rut I felt I was stuck in for more than a year. I managed to secure a job offer which I feel is more aligned, can connect better to crystals and even tap on some of their energy, do my part for helping the underprivileged especially during COVID, and managed to successfully clear some of my money blocks and build up side income from investments!


Hello! would like to share my experience with you about my session with YY for the Akashic soul realignment and hopefully it can reassure you to give a try because for me, it felt very right to try out this session and I am thankful for where I am now because I am more open and happier to take action that YY adviced me to do so and now I could start to see the positive results flowing in when initially before this session, I felt very lost and afraid, especially when things just don't go my way and ended up feeling very stuck to the point that I give up alot of times and just sit on things. During the session with YY, she was very friendly and open minded which I felt comfortable and at ease. I am very grateful that during the explanantion, she was very clear and patient to explain certain concepts/issues and share her experiences to help me understand better as well as able to verbalize the words that I had trouble expressing. Moreover, she is very accurate and the issues she pointed out was very spot on (before I could even tell her that issue/incident happened to me before). I am very grateful for her guidance and encouragements as she helped me to be aware and think, as well as during the homework process when I felt lost and insecure. All in all, I am very grateful for this opportunity and I think this is one of the best decision that I had made to simply go ahead and give it a try:)


i 100% recommend @ythequeen to everyone. i am beyond grateful that she came into my life because she has tremendously helped me in so many ways. she is down to earth, open-minded, honest, inspiring, wise, loving, the list goes on... i am so glad i decided to have her do the Soul Realignment Reading for me because not only did the session help me become aware of my mental blocks, but it also helped me to understand my purpose, reconnect with my soul/higher self, embrace my divine gift, develop self-awareness in order to separate my mind and ego, do the healing that my soul needs in order to grow, etc. Before meeting her, I struggled with constant anxiety because I would hold in my emotions all the time. However, she has taught me that I will have a tremendous breakthrough if I can learn to love and embrace every single emotion. I consider her my friend/mentor now because I can always count on her to be there for me when I need guidance, love, and inspiration. She really was an unexpected blessing from the universe. 🦋✨


Firstly, I thank the universe for leading me to find YY. I started of with a twin flame reading which was put so objectively and realistically. It was something I needed to hear/read to allow me to finally move on after a traumatic end of a 9 year relationship. As part of the healing journey I’ve been placed on, I went on to take the soul alignment session. It was very relatable and gave me greater insights on my divine gifts, and I could really look back at many life events where I was not congruent with my divine gifts. YY’s report was very detailed and she was really kind to explain to me in great details and helped to clarify the many questions I had, especially as a newbie in this awakening path. The report spoke to me differently at different points, just weeks after getting the reading done. I also went for my first emotion healing, to identify and remove some of the blocks I had. The blocks really did resonate with me, and I could link back to some of the incidents or major events of my parents/grandparents and draw the link on how I could have inherited some of these blocks. Somehow or rather, I could say that I have managed miraculously to pull myself out of a dark space, partly with the help from YY, and I am feeling much more stronger and determined to make good, new choices that are true to my soul. Thank you so much YY for not just being an intuitive psychic, so genuine and helpful but also for being great mentor to me!


I got a Soul alignment session. It has been really amazing in the time after I got it, because it unlocked so many parts of me that previously was hidden. I always knew they were there, but I couldn’t put the pieces together. This is what was the most amazing for me, to put everything together. I always had bits and pieces around everywhere and I didn’t understand it. Now I do understand it, and I know why I am here and how to fully implement everything!! I got the answers that my soul was so hungry about, and craved. The information however, was very deep and heavy at first. So I am still digesting and grounding everything in my being, because it was truly life transforming. This was not an easy read where you read it once and then forget about it. It goes SO DEEP. So if you are ready for that, go for it! ! But don’t count on «getting it» and understanding the information all at once. It still goes in stages for me. And if I have any questions, and follow up, she does it extraordinary and I really feel held and supported throughout it all!! I am very impressed and deeply grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I took energy clearing cum soul alignment report. Thank you for helping clear blocks, immediately I felt more calm and less triggered. While it isn’t so easy to immediately understand how to translate soul gifts into physical lives, it gave good blueprint and guidance on what to look out for. There were lots of detailed explanation of 3d, 4d, Akashic records and other the less well understood jargons in the report. Knowing negative entity stalking and large part of life is occupied by negative thoughts helped make me more conscious of my thoughts and I had constant reminders from repeating numbers whenever I got too negative. The soul origin was pretty illuminating and the soul characteristics really resonates a lot. The card messages from higher self helped open mind to a different way of thinking and why I previously couldn't find a way out of certain cycles and situations. The homework sounds easy enough though it requires discipline. It helped reinforce the spheres of protection and calmness in mind, to start thinking and acting more mindfully. Definitely recommend continuing the practice beyond 21 days to keep going the lighter path.