Akashic Session FAQ and questions list

Do understand an Akashic Session is when i access information about the soul, rather than asking the soul. This is important when dealing with Soul-level blocks and restrictions, since they cloud the Higher Self’s perspective and make it an unreliable source of information about certain things. 

It is important to have a frame of reference to accurately place the information received. I will find the most appropriate access point especially in Intermediary and Advanced Session for you to gain the information most relevant to your current healing journey.

It is mandatory for me to locate your soul first hence i require your birth information. 

Do also note that your ego usually has its own version of itself, a self-image that it likes or that serves us in some way. Part of that self-image can be your various “issues” that conveniently keep you in your comfort zone, your strengths, your weaknesses, and all of the “stories” you have about who you are, and why you are who you are (often these stories include tales of your parents and your upbringing). Your ego’s story is self-affirming. 

A realignment is not a session like energy readings where you get insights where a large part contributes towards affirmation of self-perception. In fact, a realignment is here to help you to shift your self-identification towards who you are, at Soul-level.  

Also as you go for more progressive sessions or even intermediate or advanced sessions- it is possible that you get information which makes you go "really?" That’s because you are being introduced to new information that is outside of your current psyche awareness.


How does the clearing works?
- The efficacy of clearing work is governed by client’s consciousness- which is why homework is given for that support. You are able to effectively integrate the clearing work at the level of the conscious and subconscious mind if you do their homework.
- The reason for the process for twenty-one days in a row is that it takes this much repetition for the subconscious mind to be permanently affected.
- Soul loss has an extra homework because you have energetically amutated parts of yourself. So there needs to be an action to gain back part of you.
- What the clearing does, however, is allow for a tremendous temporary inflow of vital force energy! After all, we just unblocked the flow of vital force energy through your Divine Soul Blueprint from the fifth-dimensional aspect on up. How each client responds to this inflow of vital force energy varies hugely. Ideally, this inflow of vital force energy makes it much, much easier for clients to take new action. If they are open to change, the vital force energy they receive serves to realign some of their thought processes, which makes taking new action much easier. Of course, the mental consciousness created during the session serves to prepare the client’s mind to think differently about who they are. It is very common for clients to feedback that they feel incredibly energized and invigorated after their sessions. Some of them also feel a shift while doing their homework, because it’s like getting an infusion of their own vital force energy and their own Divine nature!

Because the 5D world is governed by intent and specificity - and the 5D is linked to the 4D and 3D as well as 6D, 7D and beyond- when we clear it there- it creates a ripple effect. 


For the current session; please think back to what your goals are or what you wish to achieve and craft an intention for the session. Below are a list of questions for crafting of your intentions for your realignment session. 


Love, light and blessings