Transmutation Candle Journey FAQ

Hello! Welcome to Transmutation candle journey:)
The package includes 
1. Transmutation Candle
2. Guided Meditation
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3. Transmutation healing frequency 
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4. Short help on transmutation and understanding healing
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Working with the Candle- fire of transformation 
A burning intention candle is a signal to Divine Source. 
Candle burning unites our spirit with the candle’s flame- ILEANA ABREV
Light of candle helps distance one from the hectic and stressful outside world and guides one softly into the beautiful realm of Magick. Flame of the spell candle radiates light and transformative energy into the universe. 
The element of fire is the driving force behind magick. Fire itself is a spiritually creative natural element that has a life on its own. The element can be loving and passionate and at times cruel, similar to its creative and destructive nature. 
For something new to flourish, something old and unneeded must decline and give way. We want to transform those old bad vibes, sour outlook or any negativity and frustrations that may be hindering your inner alignment and abundance into something better and more energetically ‘smooth/correct’.
Fire creates illumination and motivation— the motivation that you will need to change and transform your life. In order to make a transformation— you must be embodying a different energy and react differently. 
Suggested Activities- 
1. Write down/Work with the audio for awareness
2. Meditate with guided meditation for release
3. Do burns for releases 
Magickal Awareness- you are the source of your own prosperity. Thoughtforms/thought creates. Your emotions propel them from the mental into physical (4D to 3D, emotions being 3.5). 
The more motivated you become, the stronger and more positive your emotions and the quicker you can transform your life. 
New Mindset, New Attitude- You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances, you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions. - ADLIN SINCLAIR
As you read these words that are being shared in this monthly journey, please respect that they may sound universal but are still co-created by myself. Feel free to digest and incorporate the essence of the knowledge that you may gain from your understanding. However, please observe our boundaries. No content should be taken out or shared without permission for energetic integrity.