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18th January Full Moon in Cancer

18th January Full Moon in Cancer

Card Pull for the Collective

From the Gateway Oracle

For each Soul DNA,  look into 
DC= what does this mean for my community or the community I am in?
DM= what does this mean for what I am trying to build?
DO= what does this mean for balance in my life?
DL= what does this mean in terms of self-love for me?
DCmn= what does this mean in terms of words and expressions?
DT= what does this mean in terms of my values-perspectives?
DP= what does this mean for my sense of freedom and self?
DW= what does this mean for my understanding of Source and the Collective?


Quick Summary:
For this specific Full Moon- there's alot of pressure because of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and now a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius  , and there's quite a bit of Saturn- Capricorn influence which brings me back to the Draconic bowl energy I shared about back in December. This actually feels like everybody is in this melting-pot kinda energy, we are getting a sense of what is happening, we are getting a sense of what is cooking/occuring yet perspective is limited. Perspective of how to climb out of this bowl or to survive the karmic tides seem limited at this moment- for some, it can come across as a nagging feeling of "There's more that I am just now understanding or getting.". Currently even with this Full Moon, perspective is being build on because the Moon is currently outside this melting-pot, another perspective here can be things are very tightly-aspected in the Cosmos triggering the same alignments again and again. Seeing an image of a defensive crab being very aggressive with its claws. 

Astrology wise- this Full Moon is a triple YOD* so the energy can feel like a ball in a pinball machine and it's like sometimes you don't know what or when it's going to hit smth. 

Key themes being triggered or inflamed:
1. Family/ Origin 
2. Home related matters
3. Maternal/ Ancestral/ Genetic/ Cultural/ Land-based or traditional energies

Detailed Understanding
- Mars in Sagittarius- Neptune; Energy of escapism or wanting to run and hide. With Mars being out of bounds here, it can feel like actions having unexpected unintended consequences. For some, it can show up as confusion or at lost over what actions to take. Moon is also out of bounds so there's also an energy where things feel off the charts. Another perspective would be things flowing or seem to be making sense or coming together yet you can't 100% make sense of it. For some, these informations or making sense of things are coming through vivid dreams and I'm guided to share that you don't have to act on every information immediately. Sometimes what's best is to simply pay attention to what you're receiving, don't scramble to make the information fits what you seek, just treat information as pieces of jig saw puzzles and you will be getting more of these pieces while Mercury continue on its Retrograde. Hearing fit the pieces around mid-March. 

- Uranus stationary; there's this eccentric energy around Uranus (doing what I want, doing what feels good, doing what I feel define me in spite it being wild), so when it's stationary here, some of you can feel this as being jolted up from a deep sleep or deep blindness or feeling like your sleep state got disturbed abruptly. There's this "yes I am awake but what's going on now? why am I awake? what is it I am awake for? "- you will have to give yourself some time for the impressions from Uranus to make sense before taking action. 

- Moon in Cancer can be quite an emotional lunation. Symbolism of high tides coming through, perspectives might be on themes associated with Cancer. Hearing the Collective is now getting awareness around subconscious material or emotional material that is related to Home-family, related to Roots/Origin, related to History/Culture, related to Childhood/Upbringing and even sense of belonging. For some, it can also be like where you define as your home, your nationality or even your acknowledgement of ancestors. 

- Pluto opposing the Moon can also feel like the grand excavator of ancestral issues. Hearing the Collective will b e pushed deeper to gouge into the individual's psyche underbelly and gouge out what is hidden. A part of this past/ancestral energies were already being brought to surface by Venus Retrograde and now being examined through Mercury motions.
--- Hearing if you have been facing or seeing childish-regressive behaviour in people around you, step away and see if you have left behind/aside an aspect of yourself that wasn't healthily mothered-nurtured-parented. Solution here is to go back towards that part of you and start caring about it, start releasing the wounds formed from that aspect abandoned/left aside because this will change the kind of people that appears in your life. 
--- For some, this energy can feel like the need to revamp or reset 'feeling at home, feeling at ease" because you might find yourself suddenly being very conscious about your home life, your family life, your own space within the house, your own position-influence in the family. Solution here is to walk around the house and see it from an angle of a visitor then you will find where you can create an identity of self at home.
--- Not just the pluto energy but Sun is always opposite Moon at Full Moon so this energy can make you feel vulnerable or even very conflicted especially if you answer yes to the following questions- "Are you who you in private vs public?", "Do you feel like you have to put on a mask or a face to handle the world out there?". This is because Pluto energy wants you to be authentic, to be honest and truthful but the structures-systems (Capricorn) energy can make it difficult for you to be yourself, for yourself to be accepted for who you are. 
--- Take note that this fear around being vulnerable started a day before the Full Moon and it is a deep pressure around emotions because it is pushing for one to acknowledge that as long as the fears are eliminated or changed then everything below the fears is the home-identity of self where happiness lie. Yet there's also this part of confusion going "Really?" "Can I really find back myself?".
--- Be careful of conflicts with people or in relationships or connections especially when it seem to revolve around power or power-related issues. Often any issues at work-professional level is actually a mirror of parent-child wounds. Especially if the idea of a boss/authority figure takes on the visage of whoever it was in your family that was the authority figure, and any emotional wounds can get projected out. You can either be the one projecting or on the receiving end of someone else's projection.
--- Tendency to ignore, escape, or just do your own comfort thing and wishing for complicated dynamics or situations to pass can feel like it's the solution because Moon in Cancer likes comfort. So anything that is icky, messy, you might just want  to sleep over it or ignore- try not to do this. 
--- Mars-Neptune square influence is can also make avoidance seem common sense. Hearing knowing how to respond in the face of these complexities, knowing how to respond in the face of these difficulties, knowing to take control and to leave it where you can is the true self-power/sovereignty that Pluto is teaching.
--- Waning square between Pluto-Eris has a message of take the message, don't shoot the messenger. Understand the message here, accept it if there's a problem or not and then work towards resolution.  Eris influence can come across as the Collective anger, the anger where you watch the news and feel that humanity is absurd or cruel, or like how people at the top of hierarchy controlling power-play at the expense of majority, or like crazy usage of money while workers are underpaid. Crux here is not to focus on the anger, but how can you change your own response to better work with the information that's coming through? How can you contribute to change through the small little ways you wish for change to happen? How can you allow yourself to take the first step even though change won't be immediate? How can the first step you take allow you to face yourself and to support yourself better? Eris influence on emotions is perhaps a growth towards greater capacity of learning how to respond appropriately to real systemic issues in reality.

- Moon trine Neptune trine Pallas; feeling the urge to lean deeper into spirituality, to lean deeper into the cosmic wisdom and in finding more ways of self-acceptance and acceptance of what's around. Find a way through with Neptune support here by listening to your intuition. by meditating, by sleeping, by resting, and yes to sleep on it. (literally!) This is the third trine, since the first trine a year ago, the Collective been pressed to find solutions in a manner that is compassionate-intuitive- and not too aggressive so that invisible patterns can be seen and understood--- providing growth for soul wisdom.

- Moon-Ceres; Hearing this influence support nurturing-mother-tending to self to increase sense of self-worth, to improve self-esteem and to cover emotional needs. But this support can show up in indulging in (at times simple) pleasures in life. Support healing victimhood.

- Moon-Erato; the energy is around seeing things through beauty, seeing things with soul, seeing things from heart and this energy counters Pluto pressure because Pluto energy can feel like judgement/seeing people with tinted lenses. However Era influence is encouraging removing the fear glasses. 
--- Hearing be open to subliminal communication coming through, be it conscious or unconscious. Also another specific message here around if you don't understand how come you attract shit-stirrer or problematic people every time you chase your dreams---- you gotta go deep into knowing your potential for authority or power; are you underestimating or overestimating self?

Sabian Symbol for this Lunation; "bridging the gap between situations or people that are inherently foreign to each other or previously unknown and unexplored. By bridging the worlds between people, you invite richness into your life and the lives of others that may not have been possible if you’d stuck to your culture, your ethnicity, your own side of the tracks. It is your deeply felt understanding of both situations and the respect with which you are held in both situations that makes their mutual acceptance possible. This is about opening your heart to find the rewards that are waiting."

Interpretation of this symbol: It is not simply enough to understand literally how two people of different worlds can click or work but instead the context of each interaction needs to be considered. "What’s the bigger framework"  "What's the social underpinnings and potential assumptions by the parties?" "Who out of the two parties hold power? "Does the power imbalance require varied things from the parties"  "Does this power imbalance confer privileges to some, penalties, pressures, or restrictions to others?". Be careful of super-imposing your framework, belief, assumption into a situation that takes two to work. 

With all the Grand Tine around this Full Moon, there's also a Collective healing around transgressions of boundaries with children/ in your childhood. Sometimes emotional wounds are deep especially when a child becomes a proxy for an absent or an emotionally unavailable parent/spouse. There's also a reminder around standing up for yourself, don't wait to be rescued. Hearing no knight in shining armour is going to come and they might not succeed even if they tried. 

Take note that the revelations you receive this Full Moon, whether it is benevolent or not, these 'revelations" are here to provide fresh understanding and liberates you from previous notions=
1. can be opposite of where you've been putting your attention towards 
2. not as transformative or destructive as what you've been telling yourself 
3. not as empowering or disempowering as you've believe

This Lunation is also teaching us that one needs to understand what kind of individual interpretation we have and we are bringing to a situation before we can truly understand what Is really happening before us. 


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