Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra is associated with the reproductive organs, bladder, and lower back, it shows symptoms on physical if the sacral chakra is sexual dysfunction or discomfort, imbalanced or blocked Lower back pain or stiffness, urinary tract infections or other bladder problems, Menstrual or reproductive issues. An imbalanced or blocked sacral chakra affects emotional like difficulty expressing emotions or desires, inability to experience pleasure or intimacy, lack of creativity or inspiration and feelings of guilt or shame related to sexuality or personal relationships. 

To promote balance in the sacral chakra and alleviate these symptoms, one may practice activities that encourage emotional expression and creativity, such as dance or art therapy. Additionally, engaging in activities that promote a healthy and positive sexuality, such as communication and consent within relationships, may help to balance the sacral chakra and promote overall physical and emotional well-being.

If your Sacral Chakra needs help, depending on the session, YY will pinpoint specific changes needed at physical-mental-emotional and areas of change in life (that is important) to help you integrate the balancing.