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I realised every night i spray aura spray before zzz, i dream dream. BTW, your abundance spray is nice to attract clients at my shop. Hahaha though i use it discreetly

Instagram Aura Cleansing Spray

Ahh i actually got the aura and evil eye sprays from you!~ and i used them both last night + the incantation you provided. Used the evil eye spray on both feet like you recommended. And i managed to sleep through the night. For the whole week prior to yesterday, i kept waking up around 3-5am ish and my sleep kept getting disrupted. So I’m really thankful!! Will keep using it and hope it keeps working! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world <3

Instagram Evil Eye Magick Spray

Hello YY! I received the parcel today and omg I love everything! The spray smells amazing as well as the crystals are beautiful and I love that they are pocket sized so I can carry them with me anytime! 😋 I’m really grateful that u hosted this giveaway! In the afternoon, i was actually feeling very mind block and like no energy, and then your parcel came. I immediately open it and I can alr feel the energies of the crystals. I tend to receive energies slower, but this time round, when I hold the moldavite, I could immediately feel the energies and my heart starts to beat very fast and there’s a sensation around my stomach area. Super magical. And also, YY I’m super thankful for the hardwork and effort u put in for the PDF. I just read it, and it really brought me to a new perspective and taught me what to amend with my current mindset. It really got me analysing and thinking about many things in my current life, and I love that HAHAH ☺️ I’m really sososo thankful YY ❤️

Instagram Crystals

Took this Tiffy in bcos I really love the rhodonite and the top looks like a group of birds flocking in a pastel purple sky

Instagram Tiffany Stone

Haha. But when u asked me to feel, this one give me more emotions. I feel it will pair up well with my amethyst. Hahaha Keith is so lovely. I felt sensations from higher heart, have a pulsation on my throat, before it went up to 3rd eye. It feels like a part of me, always alive and kicking and active. Thank you for bringing the connection to me. 🙏🙏

Instagram Crystals

Lovely pink amethyst …. Glad that both of them liked me and helped me to make my choice… Thank you YY for conveying the messages to me… will take good care of the ladies!

Instagram Crystals

received w love, my beautiful babies 💕💕

@xdruzyroses [Instagram] Crystals

My Pink Pink Amethyst babies

@meowshirl [Instagram] Crystals