How can I make payment?

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How does Hoolah work? 

Hoolah enables you to pay for your purchases in 3 interest-free installments. You can read more about them here

Do you have other payment plans available?

Only Hoolah payment plans available now. 

You can read more about them here


How will my items be delivered to me and how much are the shipping fees?

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How do I qualify for free shipping?

Free shipping will be automatically applied for purchases above S$200. (Only for Singapore orders)

When will my items be shipped?

Please allow 5-7 days for us to prepare your order and ship them out. We are a very lean team, and really appreciate your patience! 

If you have purchased via Instagram, please also note that we will require 1-3 days extra to conduct the energetic matching before confirming your order and preparing it for shipping. 

Two shipping slot per week: Monday or Wednesday
- Sale confirmed last Saturday can be shipped out by Wednesday
- Tuesday sale will be shipped out following Monday earliest 

Can I keep an open box? 

Yes, of course. We completely understand that the 'right ones' don't come all at the same time, and we would allow for you to keep your boxes open with us for purchases across launches to save on shipping costs. 

Open box (Singapore)

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How does crystal channelling and matching work?

When YY channels the crystals, she accesses the energetic web where we are all connected, and communicates with the crystals via that energetic portal. It is a mindful and conscious communication process. 

Even if we have not come into physical contact with the crystals on the 3D plane, there is still a possibility of connection with them on a higher dimension. The crystals are able to sense if they wish to connect with someone, and this acceptance will be communicated via YY to you. 

How do I connect with my crystal?

You can start by holding your crystal in a receptive hand (left hand) or uphold it using both hands. (This is a simplification. Everyone has different variations of opened/closed energetic channels - you might not need to use your left hand all the time. You have the flexibility to switch and experiment.)

Often, the channeled message serves as an introduction to what the crystal wishes to aid you in and next you can explore how you can incorporate the crystal in your routines. 

Some ways you can be incorporating the crystal in your day-to-day life (not limited to its messages):

On patterns or habits 

For soul-level guidance or blocks 

We always encourage artistic expression; you can do anything with a crystal, it is a friend. It could often be an inner knowing that gets expressed through art. 

Do crystals need to be reactivated? 

No, but it also depends on the case by case basis of usage. In general, if the crystal is used for pure and good intentional healing aid - the answer is No.

Scenarios in which crystals need to be reactivated would be when one uses the crystal for black magic, impure intentions (to wish harm or to manifest obsessive love) or manifesting financial scams etc. The user in the above scenarios has reinforced their rights as the owner of the crystal to manipulate the energy for uses against Pure Light. Do understand that duality exists due to intentions of shadows/desires etc.

A crystal's energy may lay dormant or “feel” less active due to environmental influences and the owner’s interactions and beliefs. Your purchase is already an energetic exchange so remember that you will be able to influence the crystal as much as the crystal is able to influence you.

Do crystals need to be cleansed? 

Yes. Crystals, even with their own collective consciousness in the 3D plane is still an embodied form of energy, like you and I. It is still susceptible to environmental energetic influences, to intentional energetic influences from owners, and even attachments/entities. Some crystals can even function as a negative physical implant.

Simply put, cleansing the crystal is akin to showering. You can be fully connected to Source, embodying your highest purpose and being Light but in the 3D plane, taking a shower is necessary care for your physical body. The same goes for the embodied physical aspect of a Crystal. When it comes to the energetic aspect of Crystal, it will require more complicated steps such as Reiki by a stable practitioner; various forms of smudging or sound tuning.

What is the difference between crystal programming and activation?

Activation uses techniques that cleanses in depth and reconnects with the crystals. These techniques allow us to go back to the lifetimes/timelines/dimensions that the crystal existed in and clears it back to its true source essence. Thus allowing the crystal to emanate the strongest and most natural form of energy. 

Programming and deprogramming can be relatively more easily accomplished. To program a crystal would be to use a technique or symbol to weld existing crystal lattice energy to intentionally work in a specific way. (We do not program or add any implants to the crystals here at Yuniverse Speaks as that does not support Soul Sovereignty) 

Programming could also be done when a transaction or bargain is made with a higher being - requesting for the crystal to work in a specific way. 

The crystals from us at Yuniverse Speaks to you, are only activated, and Reiki charged with good intentions for you to experience more of Source energy for your highest good. 

How do I set intentions? 

Hold the crystal in a comfortable position. If you are good with visualisation, visualise light from Source surrounding you and the crystal. If you find visualisation difficult, you may use the light from a candle. 

Remember to clear your space with a ritual, or aura cleansing spray before you set intentions. 

Tell your crystal your intentions. Be specific and mindful with your intentions. Set them without dictating outcomes. Focus on the experience and growth you wish to achieve through those experiences. Ask the crystal to aid you with its energy for your highest good. 

If you wish to work with the same crystal but with another intention, use the crystal cleansing incantation provided in every package and add in "remove intention".

What is an intuitive pick? 

What is commonly coined as "Intuitive picking" is the practice of following a hunch of 4D energy either from a projected thoughtform or projected information. Do understand that at a 4D level; one’s aura, bioenergy field is able to sense messages. This is why walking into a room where people are angry instantly feels weird. 4D information already filtered through the individual’s subconscious and there’s a higher propensity to bias (conscious and unconscious).

However, Intuitive picking - properly termed should be accessing >5D information or information received consciously from your higher self. There is no mental/emotional energetic influence like in the 4D.  

Actual intuitive picking can be practiced using a pendulum or kinesology for more objectivity; you will find yourself getting better as your soul vibration increases and your connection to Source consciously strengthens.

Are there any other crystals calling out to me? 

There will be if you are consciously looking out for one. Private sales at Yuniverse Speaks are rare but when conducted, YY channels the messages and it will be up to the customer to choose again. It has to be a mutual connection.  

"I encourage each and everyone of you not to confuse trust with disempowerment. I am thankful for the trust you have in me. It is not wise for me to choose specifically, which is why I often offer choices - because life is full of possibilities in every moment. No one person only has ONE single choice- this is a very narrowed view." - YY

How do crystal vibrations work?

Each crystal has its own unique vibration, which can be felt by sensitive people, and most have a small but measurable electrical charge together with an internal lattice-like structure that absorbs and transforms toxic energies.

Virtually all crystals were born deep in the Earth, inside the earth’s magnetic field, so it is not surprising that they absorbed the Earth's magnetic charge and stellar radiation. However, in the unique ways that the crystals developed, subtly altered their magnetic charges. Some were produced, or amended, by great heat or pressure; others were laid down gradually over aeons of time; one or two arrived from outer space. Each cell within the human body also has an electrical charge and when the charge of a crystal is brought close to a cell, or to the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds the physical body, it gently brings the energy of the cell or the biomagnetic sheath back into balance.


How do the healing sessions/energetic readings work? What can I expect? 

Healing sessions are often transformative; Energetic readings can help give insight into your 3D-4D-5D bodies.

Energetic readings are under soul enrichment simply because i feel an insight into your 4D beliefs around career for example can identify where the career blockages are. Readings to me are supplements, like an enrichment towards soul discovery.

At Yuniverse Speaks, our goal is not a feel-good affirmation of our client’s current self-perception. Especially for readings - we hope to shed insights that will help you to shift your self-identification towards who you are at a soul level. 

Healing sessions for now are mainly divided into Reiki modality or using the Akashic Records. 

Each session/reading has its own set of delivery timelines (which you will be able to find under each product)

Do I need to prepare anything before the healing sessions/energetic readings? 

Be mindful as to why you seek the session, and be open to what you may not know or are blinded to.

Before the session, the healer/facilitator/reader will contact you and give you some instructions on what to prepare or do depending on the session you chose. 

After I have booked a healing session/energetic reading is it possible to change them?

No, it is not possible to change the type and date of the session once you have booked it online. However, should you need to change the time of the session, it is possible at the discretion of the healer/reader/facilitator. 

If you have doubts on which session to take, please reach out to @Yuniverse Speaks on Instagram and we can do an assessment with you and recommend the type of session which would be the most suitable.