Crystal Activation & Care

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Each Crystal has a crystalline consciousness and the crystal veins often are damaged and hold negative residual energies during the mining, polishing/shaping process. 

All crystals at Yuniverse Speaks are first cleansed of negative energies at a physical level, then activated and connected to Source via a special technique by YY using the Akashic Records. Before they go home, they are also reiki-charged with intention - to connect to its owner and bring good blessings.

Crystals are a part of nature and we displace them from their natural growth habitat and transport them to us. This detaches the crystal from the energy of the earth that flows through it, making its' consciousness dormant, disconnected and and overall vibrating at a lower frequency. 

Activating a crystal therefore, is the transference of energy throughout the crystal lattice in order to awaken the crystal consciousness and also realigning the crystal veins and connecting to Source fully. Once the crystal is activated, the energy that is put into it gets amplified and it becomes more efficient in manifesting your desired intentions.



Are your crystals vibrating at 100% of their energy?

Without proper technique, the power of crystals remain dormant or they vibrate at lower frequencies.

At Yuniverse Speaks, YY has perfected a technique that guarantees that your crystals are fully activated so that you get the most healing, protection, and good luck- blessings from your crystals.

Please note that activating a crystal is different from programming a crystal.


Helps to remove the negative energy in the physical plane - 3D. Able to transmute negative energy to neutrality with positive intentions. 

Able to help charge the crystals up; but the environment determines whether it is positive charging or negative charging. 

Use these methods with conscious intent of being in Diving Pure Light and for the crystals to aid you in being one with your True Organic Sovereign Self.