Magick Oils

Magick Oils series is designed as a potent tool to help move You towards your goals with the nurturing of self-sovereignty and by coming into your own self-power. 

Working with Magick Oils fills your life with greater positive energies that propels You forward on your chosen path. Remember that nothing is static, and nature abhors a vacuum. Change is the constant here so make sure to fill it up with what helps You. 

The best way to use Magick oil is to remain truly conscious of your intentions and energies whether that is through an intention setting exercise, ritual practice, or spell casting. Honor your unique self and remember that everyone is different and reacts with energy in their own ways. There’s no model answer or 1-way-only to work with the oils and you should intuitively craft or create a practice that is closely aligned to your Soul DNA.

Remember that – suggested activities or ritual serve only as an exploratory guidance and not for you to strictly abide by. Any introduction of Elemental Magick is for you to consider, to clarify if it aligns with your *thoughts-soul (maybe explain)*. You should always tap into your own intuition as a guide. 

Magick is infinite, if you do not place a limitation in your mind then your power shall also be infinite. Do not use the oils mindlessly. Live magick, breath magick and make everything magick. After all, You are Magick.