Magick Oils

Magick Oils series were created to help the Collective to navigate the strengths  of the Neptune in Pisces influence, to help you towards your goals with the understanding of your own self-power, nurturing your self-sovereignty. 

Work with the Magick Oils to fill up your life with more positive energies, aiding you consciously in your future goals and how to accomplish it. Change is the constant here, if you avoid change.. eventually there will be a vacuum and Nature abhorring a vacuum will fill it up with something. It is important that you choose to fill it up with what helps you. 

Magick Oils will work differently for everyone and depending on your intention/your casting/ your energy and how you work the intention, spell or ritual; results will come at different speeds. Remember that everybody is different and everyone work and reacts with energy differently. Magick is infinite, if you do not place a limitation in your mind then your power shall also be infinite. Do not use the oils mindlessly. Live magick, breathe magick, and make everything magick. After all, You Are Magick. Though some aspects of the spiritual world focus on Divine Truth energy only, there's no singular way or 1-way-only to work with the oils. You should intuitively craft or create a practice closest to your Soul DNA. 

Remember that - Suggested activities or ritual are for you to explore, but not for you to strictly abide by. Any introduction of Elemental Magick is for you to consider, to clarify if it aligns with your thoughts-soul. You should always tweak it to what you understand and feel best in.