About Us


YY, also sometimes known as @Ythequeeen, is a Professional Psychic with all her Clairsenses open. She first came into contact with them abruptly in early 2018 and came to realize deep down that nothing was “sudden” or “random”. She was able to see and feel the energetic web that connects each of us within this dimension.

“We are not as separated as we think, there’s this huge energetic web - and yes we are all connected to anything and everything, even crystals (yes they do have their own Soul Essence but in a different consciousness from humans).” - YY

As a natural energy weaver - she has explored many healing modalities trying to understand how it helps different Soul DNAs to realise self-healing is a natural extension of their self.

“Starting Yuniverse Speaks was based on a wish: for healing to be as simple as taking action to purchase something you like. I believe in channeling the Crystal’s Essence message instead of doing an energy reading of what suits you simply because blind spots are the areas that can create a vibrational shift.” - YY

She understands how to bring you closer to who you are and in reconnecting you to your unique Soul DNA essence, so that you can create a new empowering financial reality for yourself.

With part of her soul origins being a Blueprint Designer; a component of her innate ability is about transcending old forms and old structures of self expressions of Divinity within.

As a blueprinter, YY's artistic expression allows her to weave DNA activation codes into each product and service she creates and serves. 

Yuniverse Speaks is an avenue where she works to bring new ways of expressions of Divinity through programmes and products that can contribute to healing and self-discovering. 


Yuniverse Speaks was birthed because of YY's strong desire to connect the Collective with the Energetic World.

I aspire to create an inclusive platform that is non-judgmental, unconditionally loving, and supportive.

Whether you are making a purchase - a crystal; a reading; a session for healing and discovery or you are simply here to learn, I wish to challenge each and every individual to dig deep while knowing you are safe and supported.

I hope that you will identify with your soul-truth and manifest the abundance you deserve.



YY comes from the perspective of empowerment that as one learns to be conscious creators through choice - you will manifest true abundance at a material and soul level. She now specialises mainly in using the Akashic Records to help the conscious seekers to progressively unshackle old conditionings and dysfunctional patterns while continuously co-creating in the material world. 

She is adept at facilitating her clients in creating and sustaining a new financial reality of progressive abundance. Her sessions are supported with tips and techniques on abundance strategies rooted in higher consciousness, self-awareness and soul purpose.

Her wish is to help her clients align to their vibrational state and transition into the experiences they wish to create; giving them a broader perspective to NEW choices they can make and sustain to shift into a new path.

Divine Love is her gift and essence; her presence itself is healing, manifesting loving self-acceptance and non-judgement for others. As a natural healer, she is able to hold a sacred space for others to reclaim pieces of themselves they made wrong or disowned.

As a natural energy designer and weaver- she have explored many healing modalities trying to understand how it helps different Soul DNAs to realise self-healing is a natural extension of their self. She believe that having clairsenses open is akin to a foot in the 4Dimension. Only mastery across the physical, emotional/mental and lower soul aspects will make you a great Manifestor in being Abundant. YY believe that while Reiki can provide a kickstart to the intuitive world, it is important to detach from the 4Dimension/physical intuition equally to master the higher dimensions. The Akashic Records is always a neutral and objective place to begin clearing Soul-blocks.

YY is the happiest as a Healer and Facilitator when she is able help each of you to rediscover your inner authority and to create and follow your own true soul’s desires. 

YY is currently the sole channeller for crystal messages.

 Akashic Record Focused Certifications

·      Vital Force Mastery - 2020

·      Soul Realignment I - 2019

·      Soul Realignment II - 2019

·      Soul Realignment III - 2019

·      Business and Financial Realignment - 2019

·      Manifesting Mastery - 2019

With the Great Metatron via Akashic Records

·      Cosmic Ascension Time Program I - current 

·      Celestial Lightworker Consciousness (GGS) - 2020

 Crystal Healing Certification

·      Crystal Energy Healer (Lightworker) - 2018


Chakra Healing Certification

·      Chakra Energy Healer - 2018


Reiki Healing Certifications

·      Quantum Light Reiki Healer - 2020

·      Reiki Diploma 2018-2019

(Celtic, Avalonian, Attraction, Starseeds, Lemurians, Atlantean Dolphins etc.)

·      Usui Reiki Master - 2018

·      Kundalini Reiki Master - 2018

·      Lightworker Archangelic Links - 2018


·      Psychic Mediumship Arthur Findlay College - 2021  

·      Removing Psychic Blocks with Past Life Therapy Certificate– 2020