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Illumination Special: Pisces Full Moon I

Illumination Special: Pisces Full Moon I

For Pisces Rising: Period where you are really coming into clarity about how you have been changing on a personal level. There is some realisations that you've been having about yourself and this have result in you being acting-feeling very like self contained, like you've been wanting to take more time for yourself. When it comes to your personal goals, there's chances of you learning the truth and authenticity of it through conflicts with others. A lot of focus on getting clarity and getting clear about the things that you actually want for yourself the direction that you're trying to go.
Coming next 6 months- you're getting ready to open doors and also simultaneously kind of close out some personal chapters. There's this active check on what is not in alignment anymore especially with the "I AM" energies. The misalignments might be more obvious in relationships, your business, your career, your appearance, your mindset. Give yourself the grace and courage to move differently.  Create enough space around you that you can think-see-feel clearly without being unduly influenced by others projected energies or simply energies/collective energies around. Focus on what works for self. 

For Aries Rising: Period where what's coming up and showing up are opportunities for you to be  doing a lot of healing. Some of what's showing up might even feel like past traumas-memories-wounds showing up. There's a lot of past recurrences that are coming up for you right now. Health is key during this period, you will need to make sure you are getting proper rest, to be able to spend time with yourself, to be able to do abit of what you like- what your inner child likes. Might even feel an inclination towards meditation and or simply wanting a social media break. Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you because this is a chance to have a closer relationship with your body. Hearing all that past revival can result in emotional unrest or emotional fatigue- most immediate way to combat is to rest. This also means your blockages will show up more powerfully, eg. if you feel emotionally stuck being unable to say something- you might find yourself having an itch in the throat later. on. Nurture your health, change your actions. 

For Taurus Rising: Period where there's going to be changes in friendships, and continuous changes in collaborations, and your associations in your community. Within an organisation or a community, you are going to be embodying some change that is around culture-logistics. Hearing also changes in inner dynamics. You might be rising or relinquishing leadership position- recruiting more people. Be careful of emotions of frustration because you know, things aren't flowing as smoothly and as efficiently as you'd like. This can also result in some form of vulnerability, there might be more reliance in your friendships where you're learning something from others more and you're learning to ask others for support. But if you happen to be the one that everyone goes to then you need to reinforce some self-accountability and boundaries of integration.This Full Moon Lunation- it is in a really positive aspect with Uranus and the north node which is endorsed it in your first house so there's going to be some positive recognition and support received. 

For Gemini Rising: Period for the next 6 moths- you're gonna be focusing a lot on some conclusions in your career. This will look like wrapping up any projects that you are working on or either making some changes in your home environment. For some, hearing there's opportunities to start on a business till March 2023. Time to take action on some of your business ideas at least take actions on planning for the future. Hearing for you to be committed towards long-term plans because in the past, things are starting to manifest. You will get a glimpse into like the overall direction that you're going to be going in. Be careful of feeling scattered or all over the place, don't try to keep looking for big-sized to chew on when what's coming are now bite-sized. Give yourself space to enjoy the process and not be in such a rush. Be accepting that this is an ongoing journey. Disruptions is for you to learn to let things flow as it is.

For Cancer Rising: This is a season of growth where you're kind of starting to come out of your shell. For some of you, you've been doing a lot of healing, you and you've been doing a lot of deep thinking. Thinking and pondering over friendships and how you want to really show up in the world- who you are as an individual. Hearing while there's a part of you that craves improvement, crave for mentoring, crave for that upgrade- be careful not to overwhelm yourself. In fact, take it one at a time. For the next 6 months- there will be alot of information for assimilation. You're also working on how to be a better communicator, working your verbal skills and improving your self confidence when it comes to communication- and when it comes to authentic self-expression. There's going to be plenty of opportunities- in groups and community to collaborate and to partner with other organisations who can really support your goals. Look for funding, support and resources outside of your circle. For some, looking to apply scholarships will be great.  Work on clarity for some of those goals are and those next steps into bite sized pieces. This is the time for you to think outside the box.

For Virgo Rising: For the coming 2 weeks, it is really all about you working through any shadows that surfacing, any of that past feeling revisiting you. If you start to find yourself obsessing over uncertainty, feeling unspoken tensions, feeling not hyped up as before- look into your shared responsibilities and your shared workspace. Is there any suppressed emotions that you may not have worked through enough. Alof of that inner dialogue and frustrations that you tend to sweep under the carpet is creeping up bit by bit. Solution is for you to change your lifestyle and routines to find a healthier way to meet it in the moment. Hearing for you to focus on updating and incorporation  be it your inner journey or your spiritual journey. Hearing also practicing vulnerability will enhance your personal branding. Work wise- I feel like you are re-discovering your strengths that you have kinda "normalised" so you might be pulled into getting paid for what you can do behind the scenes or even strategy work. When you continuously work on your boundaries, I am hearing it helps in your co-creation with the Universe so it might even be a good time for you to think about easing of standards or compromising for better synergy with people.

Rest will be in blogpost part iI.


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