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Jupiter in Pisces- Capricorn

Jupiter in Pisces- Capricorn


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 3rd house of mind and communication, local transport, siblings, neighbours, and schools. Jupiter moving into this part of your chart encourages a more optimistic mindset. For all your sensible outlook and practical nature Capricorn, your mind can wander at times and sometimes work against you, especially when doubt strikes. Jupiter travelling here will encourage you to use your imagination positively rather than negatively.

There's also a thirst for knowledge during this time. The mind expands. You're visiting the library, signing up for night school or weekend classes; helping your youngster with homework that inspires you to read more. Perhaps it's you that has a story to tell so you're putting pen to paper. You may be drawn to teach, either as a profession or perhaps you are taking on the role of a mentor in your workplace. You can be a compassionate voice for others during this time too, speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Those working in sales could find it easier to sell other people a dream.

Often when Jupiter travels the 3rd house, it indicates that life becomes busier. There are more emails, more meetings, more communication to deal with, more ideas to explore. Perhaps you are travelling more too although 3rd house travel tends to stay local. You’re likely to feel like you're outdoors more than you are indoors. This would be an excellent time to buy a new car or a new computer or to buy an annual train or bus pass.

Jupiter transiting the 3rd house also brings better neighbours or neighbourhood relations if things have been difficult here. Perhaps you want to get involved too with improving your local community, joining a group, tenants association or similar, to advocate for all. Perhaps more people move into the area. Relations with siblings also can improve with this aspect.

Jupiter’s connection to Uranus in your 5th house of creativity and children could manifest as a sibling getting pregnant, the birth of a nephew or niece. Uranus travelling through your 5th house has also been pushing you to try new things to brings some fun into your life. Capricorn is very hard-working and with Taurus on the cusp of your 5thhouse, you are inclined to follow the same routine, even when it comes to play. But the mind-expanding influence of Jupiter in your 3rd house, stimulates a desire to step outside of your comfort zone – especially when it comes to creative self-expression or romance.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune offers an opportunity to draw upon the powers of your imagination to communicate ideas or teach others. This aspect could also prompt a desire to learn to meditate to bring peace to a sometimes-distracted mind. Be on your guard against daydreaming without definitive action.

Pluto has been travelling through your 1st house, radically changing the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. You may have gone through many power struggles since 2008, big personal changes, sometimes felt destroyed yet always returned stronger. The connection to Jupiter suggests that you have an opportunity now to implement ideas that previously you would have never entertained. Optimism outweighs fear bringing with it a wealth of opportunities for development. If you’ve felt cocooned, now could be the time when you complete your transformation.


Love, light and blessings

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