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Jupiter in Pisces- Sagittarius

Jupiter in Pisces- Sagittarius

(This post will be taken down soon) 


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 4thhouse of home, family, and foundations. Even though normally you’re someone who likes to be out on an adventure, coming home is likely to bring a smile to your face during this transit. Jupiter is your ruling planet so where it moves makes a significant impact upon you. This is a time to create a sanctuary in your domestic environment. Maybe it’s time to buy that comfy sofa, a huge new bed or extra plush carpet. Jupiter traveling through this house can sometimes trigger a search for a bigger dwelling place, a desire to move to have a bigger garden or more rooms or even a pull to move abroad. If moving is not desired or out of the question, the urge is to create space with what you have. Bless the home you live in.

If there have been family problems or domestic troubles, Jupiter’s transit here should bring peace back into your own four walls. A better understanding between family members and greater empathy will no doubt help to get things back on track. If you live alone and have no family, this could apply to your chosen family such as your closest friends. For some, the expansive nature of Jupiter may mean that other people come to live with you but this would be a happy outcome.

As this part of the chart is also concerned with your ancestors and history, you may find an urge to create your family tree or read about times through which your grandparents lived. Maybe you’re writing down fond memories of the past or simply understanding yourself better at a deep level. There’s a sense of feeling more at ease with who you are and increased confidence in living the life you wish to lead.

Uranus is currently travelling through your 6thhouse of health, work, and routines. Maybe it’s been hard to find a rhythm with work or intermittent health issues have brought disruption. Still, there’s a sense of a breakthrough now as there are opportunities to fill the gap. Perhaps now that you’re feeling more positive, you’re willing to try a new job. Perhaps a new job also entails a change of home. Maybe it’s a new pet that makes your family bigger. Maybe technological changes now mean you can work from home more regularly.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune in your 4thhouse feels like a fairy godmother. Maybe you’re dreaming of those who have passed over or sensing their gentle presence watching over you. If you’re moving, you may feel guided to the right home. A dream property could come up but do triple check plumbing work and flood history. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces can create a lot of water. Still, if you want to buy a jacuzzi, now might be your moment 😊 On a deeper level, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the 4th house, could also manifest as forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness towards another.

Pluto has been travelling through your 2nd house of money and resources, breaking down old systems and structures here to empower you in the material world. Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto suggests that it may be possible to make money through property such as re-mortgaging, investing in rentals, buying, or selling land to build on. Maybe you’re increasing the value of your home by improvement works. Whatever the story, combining self-belief and trust in life will create great opportunity to regenerate income and yourself.

Love, light and blessings

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