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10th Oct Full Moon in Aries

10th Oct Full Moon in Aries


This Aries Full Moon will be bringing in initiations into new territories- getting a vision of either a project sparking so well and it explodes into more abundance or a fire getting out of control that it destroys instead of build. At this moment, you are asked to find a balance between mental-thoughts and actions, too much of either won't be good. With Libra energies in the background; alot of emphasis on keeping balance, finding the middle ground, negotiating and compromising a win-win. Be prepared to be open to examining any significant events that will likely challenge who you think you are at your core. Full Moon in Aries is bringing up issues that have reached a boiling point, issues that need to be addressed, any wounds or issues around pain and sacrifice or left in a weakened state. Influence of Full Moon conjunct Chiron- find ways or acceptance in which change can't be found in others and only working on self can land you on the path for your best self. Chiron currently is working on your individual wounds especially around the wounded masculine- where does anger lie? Where is anger normally triggered? Chiron here is reminding what you desire will push you towards healing and sometimes to be a maverick too- the more proactive you are, the more you can keep piecing together what you want. Hearing to address where you heal hurts that's caused by others, how can you build a bridge to find your way back to yourself and each other. Also to look towards what you are protecting, if some parts of yourself feel unsafe, how can you re-root and re-connect with core self to feel emotionally secure? You will probably need some curiosity to explore. Hearing also for you to look forward- look backwards at that person-romance-reward-circumstance-financial from the past willl only distract you from the now. Quite important to take a new mindset/new approach because if you have been brushing aside any physical or health matters; how you handle it will signal good fortune onwards or back to similar loop and old cycles. The choice is within your hands. Mercury is also supporting this Full Moon by emphasising on cooperation, harmony, diplomatic negotiations and new commitments. Be your own NEW.

Take note that this Full Moon will ultimately illuminate and reopen the unhealed wounds so that you gain power in purifying and transmuting wounds into desires, into strength. Take note of how you can also leverage on Jupiter in Aries influence to reap the seeds that were sown. 

Some themes showing up will be on 
- Old stories you've created around relationships and intimate connections, and how you're sabotaging
- Where there's projections of old programming, wounds around not feeling good enough and worthy
- Prioritise solving the lack of fulfilment you're currently experiencing
Eg. Which relationships are unfulfilling? Or which aspects of some/certain relationships are unfulfilling? Do you take responsibility for it? Is there acceptance for this?
Eg. If you find your job not fulfilling- why do you look for more in a job you innately know has nothing left to offer?
Eg. Comfortability with self- are you honest with the fact that you might not be as comfortable with yourself as you think you are?
Some updates;
Eg. How can you expect to improve while doing the same thing?
Eg. How can you level up any relationship when you refuse to initiate or go into the next step?
Eg. How do you expect have newness when you are doing the same old?

Hearing Chiron influence here is merely unravelling that the limits of your choices are only as great as you allow them to be. Chiron reveals not only your wounds, and also inheritance wounds and wounds from family. 

This Full Moon also contains energies amplifying tensions; this is due to Saturn x Uranus and it can feel like the same tension around Covid in 2020 and it started to peak or show up in October this month. 
Solution: The more confused or in turmoil you are; the more you got to either seek knowledge, take actions, find solutions in accepting things as they are and changing yourself towards the different outcomes that you desire. 

Full Moon in Aries also rule both the head and the face, in the backdrop of Libran connection, it's about revealing your true face, seeing each other and bridging the connections and to form new experiences that feel "alive". Venus and Sun is currently travelling closely to create the next Venus star point on 22nd Oct so before that happens; Venus oppose Chiron... all that wounds showing up as horror of not being good enough, pretty enough, happy enough or even talented enough or even wealthy enough. Or if you find yourself chasing goals and not constantly checking in on making choices that are soul aligned, you will find it hard to deal with this increasing dissatisfaction and restlessness. 
- For some, slowing down might not immediately make sense to you because you are so used to fire on your metaphorical palate that even when you slow down, you find it challenging or difficult to savour life's subtleties. You bring in old patterns and energies into your concept of "slowing down". Seek a facilitator, seek help.

For this Full Moon, Pallas in Cancer points to family patterns and using your emotional intelligence. If you happen to be feeling triggered, it might be helpful to ask, who or what am I protecting and why? If some part of you feels unsafe, then it’s hard to push yourself forward in the style Aries is accustomed too. Leverage on wise Pallas influence in seeing an opportunity for re-rooting and reconnecting with the core self so that you feel more emotionally secure.

Physical pains and body aches- Pluto went stationary just before the Full Moon and it's going to point out where it really does hurt, where you must make a clean sweep in order to move on. 

With the Full Moon x Psyche; there's going to be this urge to run away. Running away from showing each other your true, authentic side. Baring the soul deeper and deeper will bring about more for transcendence, and being able to see yourself clearly through the eyes of others will also help you to understand yourself.

Mercury Retrograde highlighted a period of uncertainty, imbalance, or conflict, and the Full Moon will come to shine a light and mark the end of the challenges. Conflict turns into harmony. Indecisiveness turns into assertiveness. The restoration of balance and harmony promised with the New Moon in Libra begins to take form. Clarity will be here by the time of Full Moon in Aries. 

Take note that Jupiter Retrograde in Aries is about to leave this sign temporarily and re-enter Pisces on October 28th until late 2022. Thus, the expansion and growth you've experienced this year related to Aries themes (individuality & independence) and in the area of life where it has been transiting in our chart, has reached its peak with this Full Moon. However, its influence here is not over. Jupiter will re-enter Aries on December 20th to May 16th, bringing its expansive influence to this area of our life once again, and this time in full force. 

Mars will be stationing retrograde in on October 30th in the sign of Gemini. Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon, thus, the illumination of this lunar event will illuminate what will lead to the period of transitions, adaptation, recouping, revision, and strategic planning in your Gemini House. Where Mars will be in your chart indicates the area of life that will go through changes and transitions for the next three months followed by the illumination of the Full Moon

The Full Moon in Aries will be kicking off Eclipse Season, how will the new actions, decisions, commitments, and agreements made initiate a transformation? The Grand Air trines happening before the Solar Eclipse is not random, this indicates that what will be negotiated or decided upon will initiate the transformative change.

The Full Moon will most significantly aspect Cancer, Aries, Libra  and Capricorn, making it an intense and emotionally cathartic time. The Full Moon will harmoniously aspect Aquarius, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius placements, making it a highly passionate and creative time. 

Full Moon Sabian- What's your immediate reaction to independent people choosing to live a life of solitary? For some, they can feel like there's missing out on life. For some, can see as triumph to operate outside patriarchal society? Whether you see or judge it as independent, oppressed, liberated, freedom, peace, quiet depends on the emotional pattern within that you may need to question or learn to accept. 


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