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10th Sept Full Moon in Pisces

10th Sept Full Moon in Pisces


This Pisces Full Moon forms a kite aspect associated with fate/destiny. The energy behind the astrology Kite pattern is so geometrically dynamic that events can feel as if they are almost scripted. The lunation is also supercharging your intuition and sensory acuity. Trust the small bits of KNOWING showing up. It's as if in the hours around the Full Moon, the self in you think "i know what define me, I know what empower me, I know what control or authority I have" and then there's this truth reflected about your own spiritual journey. A personal message on how to journey forward. Some in the Collective will be gaining the revelations through some sort of criticism, accounting, or being accountable or being ready to face what you can harvest in the material world. There can also be "suddenness" energy to what kills blind illusions or dashing some hopes unexpectedly. There's this invitation for energies to be blending together through the duality of emotional commonality eg. material matters around empowerment which you might have strong feelings around "getting" along with matters you are in denial about or ignore or which you are angry, or which that wasnt healthy in the past but is now affecting the present. Hearing a very strong personal picture around dealing with issues that bring strong emotional reactions and being accepting to new uncomfortable resolutions can be what clears blocks in your material world. A part of the Full Moon energies will continue to trickle till a week later where a "full vision" will be clearer, whether your current role-play all aspects are aligned or not. Remember if you are feeling things are shifting out of comfort zone and you feel stagnant- then it is time to embrace change Important period to be letting ,go of habits, beliefs, patterns anything that limit the organic Source self.

What should I expect with the Pisces Full Moon?

  • emotional endings 
  • magical moments of solitude
  • sudden sleepiness
  • increased daydreaming
  • increased spirituality and religious and ritualistic practices 
  • nostalgia
  • reinforcing energetic boundaries (especially around work and rest)
  • prioritising mental health 
  • increased desire or opportunities to volunteer
  • increased gift giving 
  • easing back into a routine
  • processing grief 

Where the Full Moon in Pisces will be transiting in your chart indicates where you will be meeting an emotional illumination and the culmination of a smaller cycle of growth beginning on 2nd March 2022. This part of the chart will also be where you will be meeting flowing changes, blessings and opportunities as you unveil illusions. Release the old and dissolve limitations and reconnect with a higher purpose because this will allow for a "NEW" flow that's necessary for thriving in 2023. Jupiter Retrograde will also go back this aspect on 28th October 2022. 
- Jupiter will be bringing its benefit and expansive influence to this area so it's important to allow for newness and to re-create a space where there can be shift in balance towards opportunities and gain after the de-cluttering and loss. 

The Pisces Full Moon will also meet up with the Nodes of Destiny, and this pairing brings clarity, compassion, and peace of mind. This alignment teaches- reminds us that the grass is never greener on the other side, but the grass is greener where you water it. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Enjoy your journey.

The Pisces Full Moon will make an accommodating aspect to Uranus, the planet of unexpectedness, and this alignment brings spontaneous updates and upgrades to encourage you along your journey. For example, if you recently let go of something (Pisces full moons bring endings/conclusions), you may be surprised with something better. You never know where the next chapter is taking you. 

Chart for this Full Moon- have shifted from old locomotive pattern to a see-saw shaped pattern. See-saw shaped is where planets tend to fall on opposite sides of a chart. Eg. Moon and Sun in opposition, Mercury opposing Jupiter x Chiron, Neptune widely opposing Sun. This speaks of division and duality and polarisation, your side-my side-his side- hers side aka conflicting viewpoints and perspectives. This can also come across as feeling pulled part in some aspects of life. Hearing also this influence generally point towards your relationship with others- both personal and at a professional level. Often, it is through others that you see the other side, that you understand there is an alternate viewpoint and to see shadowy projects. 

This full moon is representing the peak of the current lunar cycle- illuminating soulfulness, spirituality and silence. Eg. Where did the stars come from? Where did I come from? Does God or Heaven exists, what does it all mean? Hearing Piscean influence can feel like the invisible thread that connects everybody, that feel that sense of connection to things that transcend your personal experience. Transcendence is an energy of "beyond". 

Pisces Full Moon in this earth element heavy/virgo heavy influence can feel very hard to swallow and very hard to allow. Virgo have an attitude where things got to be better, to make things better, to make good, to heal, to scrutinise and then to see if its perfect or anything is missed out. To accept Pisces energies of surrendering- that nothing more can be done, surrendering the past, but sometimes hurt/discordant makes you feel alive so to surrender what should not be the fuel for you to be living in the present can feel daunting, difficult and hard. 

Mars currently in Gemini is squaring, here the influence is pushing you to raise your voice to be heard, to speak up, to fight for your rights. However with Piscean energies looming in the background, how do you stand up if you feel helpless, hopeless, defeated or disillusioned? Instead Mars influence here will make you feel like things gotta be extreme, it can result in more separation and divisive energies and problems. 
The Moon will make a slight square to Mars in Gemini highlighting scatteredness and mindless multi-tasking, so avoid doing multiple things at once.
- Mercury in Retrograde is also stationing retrograde here today before the Full Moon- symbolising the way through is your intuition but first you need to get out of your own way to see a clear answer. Also, there might need some back-peddling, recorrecting mis-communications before you see actual growth. 

Moon x Sun; T-square to Mars- Where are your sacrificing that's TOO much? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Under this lunation, you also gotta prioritise re-assembling and acceptance of feelings first. All together here- find the mental strength after prioritising emotional clarity to find the decisions that work for self- that is authentic. 

Moon x Sun; T-square to Mars- Where are your sacrificing that's TOO much? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Under this lunation, you also gotta prioritise re-assembling and acceptance of feelings first. All together here- find the mental strength after prioritising emotional clarity to find the decisions that work for self- that is authentic. 
- Be open to starting a conversation about trying a new path or new idea. Flashes of knowing can be coming through. 
- Uranus being a transpersonal planet, gives you the feeling that much of what is happening now feels beyond you, bigger than you. It's disconcerting and sometimes the influence can make you feel invisible or insignificant. Instead look at the other side- you all have a unique part to play and a unique story. You may each be in your own boat, but we are all in the same universe under the same sky. 
- Moon conjunct Juno and trine Hygeia- there's a sense that when you make a genuine soul-filled, spiritual commitment towards inner peace then you might find healing. 

Grand Water Trine- influence of an invitation for energies to work together through their emotional commonality. Seeing material matters around empowerment about which you have strong feelings "getting along with" those matters you are in denial about, ignoring or about which you are angry and with what was and wasn't healthy about the past that is affecting the present. Remember to take a deep breath when you are dealing with issues that bring strong emotional reactions. 

Diana and Okyrhoe conjunct Neptune- Influence around impressions are coming quick and fast, tumbling-gushing like a waterfall. Influence here also representing- learning to speak up and when not to. How to know when to hold knowledge with grace than to blurt it out? 
- Asteroid Diana influence here is around soul-led action as well as the freedom to express your spirituality as you wish. 
-- Where do you hold back from expressing what you believe in?
-- Where do you feel the need to tell it like it is?
-- What are you protecting?
-- What attachments are hindering your organic self? 

Sabian symbol: If we strip away some of the associations with particular paths or faiths and simply think the core meaning- to come back to life. To be born again into the truth of oneself. Born again knowing that you/we are connected, not alone, not isolated. Born again knowing this is just one lifetime amongst many. Born again knowing that meaning is what you make of it. 

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