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14th July Super Full Moon in Capricorn

14th July Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Card Pull for this Full Moon:

"What we see, read and how we interact, is often from a greater distance and in an increasingly nebulous form. Physical interaction that would normally have provided all of our senses an opportunity to provide feedback and assessment is now increasingly being replaced by virtual alternatives. From e-mail and texting, to social networking, our relationships are becoming increasingly defined by virtual interaction that can distort and substitute reality. We can now create multiple new identities. How we go about quantifying people and events is now increasingly based on new paradigms that can with increasing ease provides a false perspective both for viewed and viewer alike. "

Summary for this Full Moon:
This is the biggest Super Full Moon of the year so it opens up a seismic window between 10th July to 16th July. This lunation is reactivating the degree of the epochal January 2020 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction which brought the pandemic and social shutdown. The re-triggering of such a sensitive point iis to signal to the Collective and YOU to create a safe harbour for yourself at all levels; physical, financial, emotional, spiritual and by becoming much more connected/attuned/receptive to your body’s constant messages. Some themes looping that will be showing up for healing: "When you've turn against yourself." "When you have abandon yourself?" and also "When did you stop caring for yourself?". and this illumination will make you want to create a new sense of safety while expressing yourself in a new way/ creating new experiences if you allow yourself to. Another influence from Mercury and Uranus also suggest novel ideas, realisations and epiphanies. What will be coming out- there's some kind of freshness, raw edge/unrefined and not 100% rational; learn to embrace it instead of denying it. Be careful of the conflict between roots/origin/soul and direction/goal/ego, you will definitely need to be shifting your home/private life/inner aspects with the outer. The time for "let me just work hard in career and ignore everything else and it will be fine" is in the past. When you start to notice the habitual ways you tend to leave the embodied world of Source/pure feeling, bailing on your vulnerability as you escape back into the conditioned, old, unsafe narrative of complaint, resentment, shame, blame, and self-attack---- Treat yourself with curiousity and patience and a reminder to Return back to Self.

This Super Full Moon in Capricorn augured a time of depatterning, deconstruction, and releasing what no longer resonates in soul-level in order to initiate a metamorphosis. This full moon is one that's focused on implementing practical or concrete solutions, bringing about solid or permanent endings, or seeing construction of rules or structures completed–and that means the emotional and intuitive (your inner Moon) must find expression through the material, or what affects the material, in some way (Capricorn Earth).  The Chart have alot of Cardinal presence and Earth elements- the moon is once again out of bounds so the Collective may be finding emotions very difficult to understand or very unpredictable. This is a bowl-shape chart again, so there's this sense of being held and contained and this time the Moon is leading this influence. The main influence will be around themes- work, career, professional status, who you are out there in the world. How you are connecting with your boss, the management, the government, the authority and restrictions. 

- Tension between the sun and the moon, between the conscious and unconscious, between the inner self and the inner child. This lunation can bring up influence of not feeling safe, not feeling comfortable because there's stuff that's happening out there that's seemingly out of control. 

- Mercury out of bounds- communication coming in can be surprising; also might be getting some brilliant ideas or off the wall thinking or conversations. 

- Ceres out of bounds; mothering style become very detached; alignment towards a new sense of mothering in any shape form of figure, towards a more soul aligned form. For some, this can feel like you like this new vibe/feeling you have around motherhood but it feels unknown, feels uncharted. Hearing you don't have to know- know how to proceed or what's exactly going on. You just gotta tune back into your heart. 

- Super Moon occurring at 21°, which is the Sagittarius degree and the influence is on your belief system. Message from the Universe is telling you that the level of success achieved this year is correlated to what you believe you're capable of achieving. Work with the Full Moon to introspect on success beliefs, money beliefs, money relationships and begin reprogramming your mindset. 

- Moon conjunct Pluto; wide conjunction and all that square to Chiron; there will be situations happening around this Full Moon that are disempowering, particularly around issues with women/feminine archetypes. There's this wound that feels out of control, there's rage, there's being triggered, there's disruption, there's hurt and there's a feeling of things overtaking you in some way or some form. Key here is to focus on looking at the essentials.  Pay attention to what or where you can take control or move through as best as possible.

- (The Full Moon in Capricorn will be forming a Mystic Rectangle that will mainly involve the luminaries and the lunar nodes in Taurus and. Scorpio.) Mystic Triangle; Super Full Moon will be  illuminating fated positive changes, aligning you with the path of your purpose, as it will ultimately bestow you with emotional clarity around your goals (Capricorn) as we discover what truly fulfill you in an emotional level (Cancer). This influence can also result in intense inner tensions as you will be challenged to make decisions that are right (Abundance and Fortune) but tough.

- Mercury Square Chiron; There's alot of mental pressure going on. Ask yourself: How can I as best I can support myself? Is there anything I can do to tweak that work-life balance? How am I addressing the wants and needs of other people, particularly the needs of others, family and home matters? How can I address that when I am feeling hurt, tired, angry, fed up all those things? What do I need to do for myself in those situations? Growth around self-management will be key. But one of the challenge will be the split between what you think and what you feel; trying to figure out which one to roll with? Feeling out of touch with the inner mother within self? 

- Moon trine Uranus; how can you liberate yourself from some of the things that aren't essential? How you can learn to prioritise your responsibilities and needs? How you can have more simplicity amidst complexity? This massive transformation, whether you like it or not, kicking and screaming, dragging you heels, the universe is going to take you through this massive transformation, because you need it. 

- Saturn, the ruler of this lunation is still squaring the nodes; it really does feel as though you're being manipulated into place. You're being pushed into a corner with Saturn so that you have to take responsibility. But this can be really challenging and hard.

- Remember because Chiron is. in Aries now; hurting yourself break trust with yourself. And this can play out in damaging ways eg. do not trust yourself to make a decision, do not trust yourself with anything, do not trust yourself with the right person etc. etc. Self-management growth here is to learn to build trust with yourself again. For some, you might act out of a need to feel your own empowerment. 
-- When you start to build up trust with yourself through dialogue, through nurture through self-care, through being open, being willing, being accepting, being forgiving, being kind. You're learning to bring everything into the fold. 

- Asteroid Hylonome; this full moon can bring up deep despair, deep dread feelings of "I just want to give up". Hearing do not let everything slide, learn to find support, learn to receive support. 

Sabian symbol: Act with pure motives, accept with grace what comes from our choices, and no matter the material result, the Soul will be fulfilled in some important but intangible way. This again is a huge reminder around responsibility and the ability to respond. Need to learn when to accept a loss. Need to realise it's pointless to fight resistance. Resisting is often the crux of troubles.

Highlighting the influence of the Uranus x NN conjunction again below:
31st July- The Uranus and North Node conjunction will be marking a time of radical, surprising or unexpected changes and sudden plot twists in an area of your lives. This aspect will be promising shifts, breakthroughs and a change of the course of the lives of many, especially those with fixed sign placements from 10-23 degrees, (the closer to the 18th degree the stronger the influence).


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