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30th May New Moon in Gemini

30th May New Moon in Gemini

May is a busy month and it feels too soon for the New Moon- but never too soon. This is also the first New Moon outside of Eclipse Season (different from 2020, 2021), it feels like a palate cleanser after the intense Eclipse season. This New Moon energy will definitely help one to re-set the system, it will also help you refresh the relationship to the part of your chart that contains Gemini. 

Card-Pull for this Lunation:

The focus of this Lunation will be on new beginnings in the realms of mind and communication, learning, schooling and teachers, siblings and even extended family. However because Mercury is in Retrograde- new starts will be slightly delayed; this can be a "more talk than action" influence. It is still important to gather facts, to give yourself time to think, to give yourself time to connect with your inner voice. Hearing also if you find yourself clashing with externals, it's a signal to self that what you think you are doing/ who you think you are might be out of alignment. Situations-people-reality will be mirroring it hard. It is also to signal that after the eclipse season, period of crossroads are coming to an end. Perhaps, it's time to begin walking on unexplored paths. For some, this can show up as conflict or confusion over empowerment; fingers-pointing and then back at you simply because your inner dialogue is out of alignment with your reality. You can also take this New Moon as a "revision" period supported by the Mercury Retrograde- where can there be a better change in dynamic, be in reigniting flames of passion and new experiences or like switching out of outdated routines. Revision will have its own stress- learn to wait a little longer, go deeper into understanding/acceptance of change rather than rushing into actions of change. Hearing also this New Moon presents tremendous opportunity for getting out of "crash and burn" mode, how to pull yourself out of self-destructive behaviours in empowerment manner. Definitely some patience needed during this time.

This Lunation has a strong mutable air chart- and mutable means changeable or adaptable; flexible kind of energy and also bowl-shaped chart. This bowl-shaped pattern is reminding us of experiences that's being contained, how can you allow yourself to immerse deeper-fuller in your experience? But because Pluto seems to be on the edge of this bowl within the chart, it's kinda telling us that you got to go through this very important process of deconstruction which is what Pluto retrograde been showing. Deconstruct the resistance that you've got to change. I feel like with the air sign support, it can feel like " I am ready to land, I am ready to fly" but when we see the muddied grounds- it can feel unsettling, it can make you doubt yourself.

Positive influence for this Lunation- Jupiter and Mars giving that boost in Aries (refer to link shared in group chat as to where the boost of inspiration is in), there's switching back of energies which can be common in Gemini season, this " I want to DO something now" vs "How can I go about my mission today?"- you've got containment, you've got impulse and you've also got the mud.  
- This New Moon also brings up issues that you've been trying to weigh, trying to decide whether is it really what you want, what you want to know, what you want to learn, what you want to talk about, what you want to think about, what you want to move towards? Time to make new connections, or make connections with new aspects in people you've never engaged in before. Because only all these engagements will allow you to understand deeper and differently, bringing you out of that swinging-back-forth energy. 
- For some, you might be pondering over wounds genetics/ancestral because you want to play a better role in teaching/showing up for the future generations to learn. Woundings around teaching, blocks in profession of teaching will heightened, archetypal role of teachers-mentor both good and bad will be amplified. 
- Mercury is also trining Pluto; leading you to realise what it is that you need to release, what you need to let go of, to allow your ideas to fly to get to a place where you are moving forward. 
- Mercury sextile to Neptune; you definitely got an opportunity to dip into your imagination, to have a vision, to explore what you believe and to find meaning in your experience. Tuning into this energy more will help offset some of the harshness from the Saturn influence. 

When there's no aspects to New Moon in Gemini- it's like telling symbolic Gemini to cut down the talk, to  take a break from socialising, to take a break from thriving on information overload from all directions. Juno square New Moon here is asking what's your personal commitment to self disregarding all the conditionings?
- Juno is in Pisces- very spiritual influence, talks about commitment to your soul's journey. You might even find yourself "split-off" between what you feel spiritually, what you're experiencing and then what you're thinking and feeling. So if there's any aspects of self that you tend to drown or pushed deep away- this New Moon energy is creating that space for you to be aware. 
- Mercury is also square to Saturn and once Mercury retrograde ends- we have Saturn retrograde I think. This influence brings alot of doubts, alot of I don't think I know fully. What I am understanding here is- this influence want you to realise that "it's okay not to to know everything", to give yourself permission to be you, to simply be. For some, it can look like surrounding situations or people projecting alot of expectations on you, but I want you to realise and remember that you can always choose not to receive the expectations. Some hard growth here but very necessary. 

Be careful of anger or even emotions of jealousy. Jealousy is never a good thing but jealousy is very useful in the sense it tells you what you want, what you are not allowing yourself to want. 
- Also when somebody has something that you want, you can generally respond in two manner;
--- being really happy for the person, really excited for them because their growth illuminates you.
--- OR feeling "why I can't have that?" - this underlying anger. Take note that Mercury square Saturn is bringing out limitations especially around beliefs, you can see the potential of a situation if you feel limited. 

What's also coming up - old wounds that have come from family patterns of thinking and communication. Old experiences, experiences rooted in family connections. 
- Be careful not to get too jaded, but learning to look at all good and bad situations in a youthful manner- in a restorative manner. You can restore your mind, you can restore your thinking, you can learn new things, and be open to learning. Remember, the sign of youthfulness is always to be open to learning something new.

Sabian Symbol: The thing with a nosedive is that pilots practice those so that if the plane suddenly does dive, they’ll be adept at pulling it out of the plunge. Are we practicing how not to crash and burn, how to pull ourselves out of Self-destructive attitudes, thinking, or behaviours, with what this New Moon presents? I think the answer might be yes.

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