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17th April Full Moon in Libra

17th April Full Moon in Libra

Card Pull for this Full Moon:

Energies this full moon feel kinda extreme depending on individual, it can be very fear mongering or it can be very exciting or electrifying. But definitely you are going to start figuring out where are you feeling imbalanced, where are you not addressing what you need to be addressing. Hearing to disregard what is aesthetically pleasant or balanced but focus on root cause. What's really causing the stress? What's really hindering your goals? What's the pain within a situation? Making choices that support more security is key. Also with Chiron being in an angle of restarting, you will feel like it's time to do something differently, time to do things in a new manner. But remember the consequence of responsibility.

This Libra Full Moon will bring in energies of balance in terms of how you feel about your sense of self with other people and in connections-relationships with people. Mid of April because of the Jupiter-Neptunian conjunction- it bringing or instigating a shift where there's possibility of being side tracked by spiritual glamour? Because while Pisces is the sign of Mystic, it is also a sign without borders or boundaries so you might find yourself coming face to face with your lower ego- the part that wishes for spirituality to be easy, to be quick, to be fast. So this lunation in Libra is bringing back energy support of diplomacy, of what does Justice means to you? Also, it is going to highlight wounds around power struggles that make you more susceptible to the negative aspect of Spiritual Glamour. However Saturn influence here is saying you can support this, you can find ways to manage this. I am also seeing a vision where I feel the scales won't be balanced but it is about tipping it towards a healthier path, finding a way to come back to center as best as one can. For most in the collective, you will find themselves mix into a sort of discombobulation going on between what you should do and what you shouldn't do., and where you should take action and where you shouldn't take action. The end result though is ultimately towards an end goal of removing habitual blinkers/judgements, using a helicopter vision/big picture, and also evolving your consciousness and integrating your experience.

Although this Pink Moon is supposedly in an Air sign but the overarching influence is in Neptune, so definitely anything good or bad that happens, will either bring you closer or further away from your connection with source, spiritual connection and trust in self. Also pay attention to how you're communicating with one another, what you think about one another at this time is also important. If you are viewing yourself poorly, likely you might project it upon others and it's hard for you to receive more from what's around you or you might feel forced by the moon's energy that it is impossible. For others, if you view yourself well, you will start to value your affiliations, your resource, your network and giving due kindness/respect accordingly, this moon will be in your favour, bringing you more of that Lady Luck. If you belong in the first group, likely moon in libra will be forcing you to shed. 

Full Moon in Libra X Sun in Eris; the energy is in two opposing signs - self vs relationships. This Pink Moon in the sign of harmony and balance will paradoxically be emotionally intense as its opposition to the Sun/ Eris will bubble up to the surface feelings of rage/anger due to injustice, jealousy, envy, and a need for revenge and retribution. Hence, illuminating and bringing issues to a climax in relationships. Wounds or experiences around compromising will be highlighted. The energy can be pretty complicated because you know it's impossible to be self. There's inner shadows, there's conditionings, there's structure from the outside world and there's also influences that governs things you don't have control over. Yet the moon's influence is making you feel that it is possible, your emotional intuition is showing you that a perfect world exist, it's possible to have perfection. Especially if you are having thoughts of harmony-union-perfection for the greater good. But the sun's influence fights this energy because of the belief around you should be who you are, you are your own right. I feel the best way to re-examine this energy is to realise that both moon/sun energies are quite self-serving and sometimes understanding that both have their perspectives but neither is absolutely right is the key to navigating this energy effectively.  Remember that the ruler of this Full Moon, Venus, will be exalted in the sign of Pisces, bringing in influence of justice, diplomatic agreements, harmony, and forgiveness. 
- For some, the tensions here can make you feel lost, because there's alot of unconscious material bubbling up whether it's a relationship, a personal relationship, family-ship or just a connection. Instead of focusing on the complicated emotions, recognise that there must be something you need to restructure or decondition, so that you can feel more empowered by creating greater intimacy with self. Ultimately, pink moon is sharing a reminder that self-trust is important.
-- Pallas and Eris influence is also showing that there's alot of chaos or destruction/disruption going on in the world now. Eg. inflation. There's been quite some anger brewing up in the Collective, and you know influence of Pallas and Eris makes you want to be proactive about solving problems but Pallas will want to solve problems in a peaceful manner. However the Moon just wants to remain harmonious and to keep things balanced, so it can be very confusing in areas where you need to be shifting self, but it might be easier to just project this outwards. So be very careful. 

Moon is quincunx to Jupiter and to Neptune; Alot of ancestral wounds are coming up---How do we have faith (Jupiter) when there has been so much pain and when there is so much bitterness in the world? How can we best live in harmony with one another when there has been deep betrayal? --- You don't need to have the answers but you have to acknowledge that the wounds exist and it is important to take a step towards patching it. 
- Another influence here coming up is it acts a sign or a signal for those whom are more focused on their career-business-work, who do you need to cooperate with in order to fulfil ambitions. 

The Luminaries will be forming a T-square with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, meaning that these emotions have been locked up, repressed, and hidden and they will finally rise from underground. Hint: Pluto going retrograde on April 29th, representing inner transformation after the light has been shed in the darkness. For most of the Collective; this Full Moon in Libra will be emotionally cathartic, revealing secrets, exposing emotional truths, and illuminating what poisons our souls. For some, it will be a time of major decisions and karmic endings.  

The Pink Moon is supported by a trine to Saturn remembering that Saturn is still square to the nodes and will be ongoing in this square to the nodes right up until the end of the year. Hearing issues around consensus and permission will be highlighted. You might want to revisit any positive or negative experience around healing karmic wounds around consensus and or permission. However the influence here is saying that you can lean into your friends, you can lean into the advice of those who are perhaps older and wiser or have walked the path before. Be open to receiving support and supporting others. 

Asteroid Fama conjunct Full moon; fama also mean fame and also related to the word rumour. This influence here makes people wanting to be seen, wanting to be acknowledged. So it is important to reassess in personal or in relationships or connections- are people seeing you for who you are? Are you seeing people for who they are? Sometimes betrayal happen because you refuse to see people as they are, so it is important to reassess how you view yourself. 
- Asteroid Cerberus is conjunct the Sun - can trigger feelings of being shut out or not being able to get out. This can feel very uncomfortable, this can trigger anger. For some, it can be that you are becoming overly defensive because you are afraid of change. So how are you looking at one another? Are you looking at one another with aggression? Are you looking at one another with doubt and suspicion - Pluto? Or are you looking at one another with the kindness of Mars in Pisces, or with the maturity and acceptance and respect of Saturn in Aquarius?

Sabian symbol shares a reminder of needing to transcend some of the emotional gut reactions that you can have based on your conditioning. Hearing you need to have an awareness of that so you can transcend responses and move-shift more into an intellectual space. It's like getting your heads clear so that you can rise and transcend some of the petty issues that's happening especially with all the heat-aggression due to Aries influence. Reminder that that idea of propelling yourself out of the personal and trying to see the bigger picture that is going on around you will definitely be beneficial. 

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