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16th May Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Card pull for this:

Themes for this Lunar Eclipse:
- Leave space for others to initiate things.
- Do not overextend yourself for the sake of proving yourself to others or worry.
- Clearing karma.
- Learning from your ancestors.
- Learning from your past.
- Becoming aware of generational habits and patterns so that you can move through them.
- A good time to ask for support.
- Redefining your personal story, narrative; redefining how you see and experience your personal journey.
- Working towards a release.
- We are in the process of transformation. We have to be proactive. MAKE CHANGES NOW! Learning how to have difficult conversations in a mature manner.
- Taking accountability for our past.
- Direct communication is important.
- Being honest with ourselves about what we want, what we need. 

This is a potent eclipse as the Lights in Taurus/Scorpio with the karmic Nodes of Fate square Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius. Lunar eclipses are emotional as they create final endings. They make you sentimental, nostalgic, more aware of the passage of time. Memories and dreams come up to the surface. The Scorpio Full Moon highlights two truths: One is that, against all odds, each of us exists. And the other is that eventually, we won’t. Everyone deals with this knowledge in their own way, some ignore- some obsess- some go into inhibition mode. Full Moon in Scorpio makes you realise it’s the impermanence of life that makes it precious, so we’re missing something by turning our backs on our mortality. This lunar eclipse raises sensitive issues of money, attitude toward possessions, sexuality, your intimate relations. Be ready to take the garbage to the curb- what is chronic, repetitive or inflamed in your life? Freedom begins when you identify the aggravations you’ve been tolerating. Update your current thinking about being an immaterial being in a material world. Find what is unshakable and undying and confident within you, manage your material world and stop underestimating or undervaluing your skills. Allow yourself to purge all the emotional baggages possible. If you have planets or angles between 22-27 of the Fixed signs Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius, expect aspects of your current existence to be released, closed down or removed. To follow the threads/themes in your own life, look back to May 2003, the last lunar eclipse on these degrees.

Fact: Lunar Eclipses triple the energy of a Full Moon as they’re loaded with the pulling force of the lunar nodes since these events can only happen when the Sun & Moon are close to them, happening about every six months and in pairs since they occur in opposite signs and in two different astrological seasons. They’re the North (Dragon’s head) and the South Node (Dragon’s tail), invisible points that indicate where eclipses occur which is when the Moon passes through where its orbit intersects with the ecliptic, the path of the Sun. Astrologically, they have a powerful significance and that’s that they are karmic points that act as portals that bring outflowing new energy, opportunities and open a new and unexplored path while closing the doors to the past, destroying and dissolving what can no longer remain.

This Blood Moon in Scorpio will be stirring up alot of breakthroughs as well as breakdowns aka things are coming to the surface. For some, it can be a positive thing, and for some negative especially if its actions-results of - things you have done in the past that's more related to your shadow/hidden aspects. In laymen- illuminating the occult truths that have been lying underground and lurking in the shadows, rising to the surface what no longer belongs in your soul's path and resonates in an authentic and spiritual level, inviting you to leave behind what has done its course in your journey, whilst simultaneously auguring major transformation in an area(s) of your lives.

This lunar influence will happen conjunct the South Node, making it an eclipse of endings, purging and dissolving, it will be squaring Saturn in Aquarius, indicating the challenge to release something that you've been holding on too tightly, and thus illuminating what has been keeping you stagnant in an area of your lives because of this reason.
- With being in scorpio territory- can look as if you're feeling stuck in the past or past memories that may be uncomfortable coming up. Scorpio being in the 8th house- idea of death, endings, change, transformation; interrelated to issues that are hidden-secrets-power-toxic (sometimes- shared resources. Definitely- what's coming up will be; what is yours vs what is mine? in family situations, in relationships and in partnerships. Eclipse influence for "shadows" to be made more visible so you might find yourself in a deep mix of energies. 
- Often lunar eclipse tend to dig dig dig all that in specific --- things you know were there but been ignoring/ too difficult to face/ just don't really want to know the truth. It is important to check in with yourself around your fear and dishonesty. What is this fear about? What is this lying to self about? What is this fear of losing control about? What is this avoidance of out of control energy about? What is this not trusting self about? What is this not trusting Source about? Remember that lunar eclipse in S.N clear way for progression towards N.N- you deserve to feel more secure, more at peace, more abundant but it's not going to just appear with a snap of fingers. You gotta first figure out where your power lies, how to empower yourself and where/what/how to share yourself honestly, truthfully and openly with one another. Abundance is a state of being. 
- Hearing if there's alot of unconscious material/wounds/baggages that you are not acknowledging, not seeing or even trying to push away- simply wanting to be in backseat instead of being in driver seat-- you are going to feel more pressure and tension than those that just take it in their stride and sit where they are meant to. Be careful of being a slave to your emotions in a negative manner. 
- Being in the midst of Mercury Retrograde- support important decisions or conclusions around this time might need some extra time to work through. 
If you don't look at the signs and signals that you might have missed, then you're not going to really understand how you got to be where you are. You're certainly not going to be able to figure out where you're going from here!

Moon influence- many activities.
- Moon in a sweet trine with Mars promising relief as you release the saturnian grip and given an opportunity to release repressed anger and emotions, and its trine with Pluto in Capricorn adds spiritual resiliency and strength to manage the uncomfortable feelings that may rise during this lunation. Positively, one might even feel called to lean into your own spirituality, into your own faith and your own intuition. Just be careful if you are finding yourself in escapist patterns. But with the intense scorpio energy, it's hard to hide from what needs to be done. 
- Opportunity to change things, to deconstruct, to release to let it go again. You're going to feel so much better detoxing or literally shitting out everything. The energy here is alchemical. While you shed, you rebirth. 
- Just be careful of the resistance from Saturn, shedding light to your limitations, all that confines and restricts you, and bringing to a climax your frustrations potentially. 
- Asteroid Decalion influence; washing things clean, opportunity for purification. 
- Moon trine Jupiter; influence of a 
big new start, this massive new life, this massive new world that we are all creating. But this newness can't form until each and everyone of us get rid of what's holding us back in the past. Weeding out toxicity for a new start.

Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries-
 illuminating feelings of insufficiency and lack of a sense of self worth and confidence. Support influence here inviting you to finally face these feelings so that their strength begins to dissolve and you reclaim your power and sovereignty.

This Lunation conjunct Asteroid Karma; there's definitely dealing with collective karma and shadows, personal karma as well as personal shadows. Don't run away from the intense feelings within and try not to judge or label these feelings. Allow yourself to see the feelings as it is. 
- Remember that ceres and moon Lilith in cancer influence will mean dark shadows around feminine energies will be making her stance- presence. And this feminine figure is angry- she's no longer wanting to withstand or tolerate situations. So look into the aspects within self where you have been holding back that anger at your own costs. 

Underlying theme of this Lunation: Trusting that we can all find whatever we need wherever we go. It is important to learn how to respond to the changing environmental/physical/mental/emotional conditions within which we live and still stand in integrity of self. Being adaptable does not mean compromising on self. 

Where this current lunation will be transiting:
= closing chapter or a long karmic cycle
= for some, it can be to release what stagnates or what have been difficult for you to release that's causing delay in self-growth
Important time to introspect on how this area of life will transmute and shape shift. 

The new direction or foundation needed= solar eclipse in Taurus transit in your life. 


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