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Are we all Psychics?

I feel one of the most common spiral-loops one experience near awakening is the confusion around the translation of energies one is sensing. And the more one seemingly work on opening up communication towards their “Higher Self”- the more information seems to be all over the place. Or at times the information they received does not often lead to the outcome and result one wish to manifest. Or it seems like the healing or information one receive is bringing you on a neverending loop of triggers and healing.

This post will not touch on How to train Accuracy using Intuition or Using intuition to get predictions.

Instead i will share on why energy reading or in layman intuitive readings does not have a neutral point of access although it is equally helpful a healing/enrichment session on its own.

Higher Self can be considered the 5th Dimensional aspect(s) of a soul OR Higher self can be considered a bridge to the higher parts of you. If one were to be very precise, your highest self is your true organic source self. Between the you in a 3D incarnation and your true organic source self, your higher self acts as the bridge. 

Now that we are clear that our higher aspects belong in the 5th Dimensions and above, let me share on what is channeling so that you can identify the difference between energy/intuitive reading. 

Channeling in layman is spontaneous relaying of wisdom and information from 5th Dimensions and above. Another sub rule-of-thumb is that this wisdom comes through beyond the mind. 

If you find yourself trying to make sense of the words or making it seem coherent, or trying to explaining it or edit it or judge it= this isn’t channeling.
Do note that channeling is also very different from mediumship where another entity takes control of the 3D body to relay information. 

You might have heard this often “We are all innately psychics” and i am here to tell you that you are. Whether we are aware at a conscious, subconscious or super conscious level that we are all connected through a web of energy- you don’t lose your ability to be a psychic just because you are currently not aware/not sensitive enough. 

But being a psychic is also a very very broad term, so lets explore why being a psychic begins from seeing how we are already intuitive even at the 4th Dimension. The 4th Dimension can be considered the plane of time, and also the plane of thoughtforms. All of us travel mentally everyday, we think of what we going to do, what we have already done- and we travel back and forth between present and possible futures.

So is this intuition?- Partially. 

Intuition is a mix of

1. Information you receive from your Higher Self from 5th Dimension and above
2. The conscious perception of mental and emotional energy received from the 4th Dimension. 

Most of us are already familiar with accessing intuition at a 4th Dimensional level. We are able to step into a room and gain information about the emotions of our teammates or family members.  

At the 4th Dimension, we are all masters at tuning into possibilities and probabilities- even the smallest thought that pops up in your head already has a strong place in your subconscious. 

So energy/intuitive reading requires spiritual discernment. This is because it is easy to tap into another’s emotion needs, insecurities, issues at the 4th Dimension level but simply reinforcing what’s happening at the 4th Dimension does not equate to Soul-guidance from the 5th Dimension and above. It can be scary to take self-projected guidance/affirmations on the same path you are on as Soul’s guidance. 

When one says that they enjoys a specific person’s energy, it is referring to the 4th Dimension connection. We are already all interconnected in a web like energy even without trying.

If you are able to center yourself today, try to imagine a ball of energy from you that goes out to someone else like a tap onto their body- you will definitely be able to pick up something. In fact the above exercise can be considered tiring because a lot of us are already masters at “sensing” and “tuning into”- it is just that the 4th Dimension can be complex because there’s the subconscious and conscious, thoughtforms, beliefs etc, it takes practice for one to get used to setting intentions or being specific in tuning in to get the information you wish to know. 

Our 4th Dimension connection is also a reason one might feel a strong sense of resonance towards someone especially if person A holds a wounding of rejection, person B might also feel comfortable around person A if person B holds the same woundings. It feels familiar and right to you. Similarly if both hold the same set of values- you will also feel the same comfort and familiarity. 

The difference between negative karmic feeling good vs positive resonance vs uplifting resonance can be just subtle differences. Hence why one is encouraged to heal and open the Heart Chakra, and why the Upper Heart Chakra is the gateway to Soul Star Chakra simply because acknowledging and embracing and seeing a variety of emotions as frequencies will train your inner discernment and ability to “tune” in accurately. 

Since energy/intuitive readings stem from intuition, one might be accessing all the possibilities possible without taking into considerations the probable steps to bring results into actual is action in the 3rd Dimension.

Try to learn to separate the two streams of information coming from the 4th and 5th Dimension and this will help a lot in accuracy. One can use self-help through oracle/tarot decks or work on releasing blockages that is blocking clarity of the two streams of information.

Understanding and mastering the two dimensions is the same as knowing and discovering yourself.

Hope this helps :)

Love, light and blessings

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