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Awakening & Lessons

Awakening & Lessons

It took quite a bit of thought before deciding to share my awakening journey and experiences, as I wished for the primary connection between Yuniverse Speaks and our clients to be through objective energetic sensory and not because of a resonance with my past narrative. However, I believe that this sharing could also serve as a form of guidance to some who may be on their path to self discovery and sovereignty. Please read this from an objective perspective and know that everyone’s journey will not be the same but it does not mean you are not on one.


I am YY, you might also know me as @Ythequeeen. I am a Psychic that has all my Clairsenses open.

In early 2018, my Clairsenses abruptly awakened and I developed an understanding that nothing was “sudden” or “random”. It was a precursor to seeking the truth and deeper understanding. The morning after my intuitive gifts were switched on, I was able to see and feel the energetic web that connects each of us within this dimension.

One of my earliest discoveries utilising the gift was my Soul Purpose and the reasons behind my abrupt gifts.  I could connect with my guides immediately and learnt that there were already sequential events of healing in play which have led up to the reclamation of my gifts. These events spanned across 5-6 years; I went back to see how similar they were to my last few past lives, and what decisions I made that allowed my Highest Soul to choose this path - allowing myself to reclaim my abilities in order to learn the lessons I needed.

I was also shown that despite being very intuitive as a child, it was difficult to sustain the sensitivity and how it was gradually muted for my own mental wellness as I was faced with societal and cultural influences and expectations. Fevers and allergies plagued my childhood and even frequent consults with doctors could not help. That was when my distraught parents turned to religion and paid a visit to Guan Yin. Guan Yin and my higher self made the decision to mute out my gifts until I was ready to be my authentic self. The “illnesses” ceased right after.

Awakening may seem like something that just occurs at the snap of your fingers - sudden and effortlessly, but that is entirely untrue. It is also not a phase, nor just a stage. It is us, as Divine beings incarnated in a physical form here to master our innate power and sovereignty. It is the conscious work done - to progressively tune more into our highest self.

Experiencing my gifts: seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, smelling, even tasting - on a heightened level was not enough to convince me. There was still a small voice of confusion that question if my power to create was within, or outside? One of the guidance I got then was to “Find the gatekeeper to the Akashic Records, it holds all the answers you seek.”

I saw in my own Akashic Records that the years of self-limitation while my gifts were muted - was a past life wounding situation playing out; where I held deep fears of being my authentic self. Spirituality to me isn’t illogical or simply magick - all energetic solutions can be explained and understood by quantum physics. 

We are not as separated as we think, there’s this huge energetic web - and yes we are all connected to anything and everything, even crystals (yes they do have their own Soul Essence but in a different consciousness from humans).

Being a pan empath allows me to feel the web of energetic connectivity between everything that has been created - live and inanimate objects. I once considered it a curse because I can tune into how your cells feel and my claircognizant senses allows me to have “answers” or “knowings” and this sudden change back then were too odd for my human persona to accept. Over time I realised with the help of my Higher Self and guides, while Astrology and Fengshui can serve as reference points to the karmic strengths and baggage one incarnates with - one does not need to fall back into the same matrix of limitation and you always have a choice NOW to create what you truly wish to experience.

Self-understanding and awareness is the key to creating a life of Abundance in the 3D reality the collective dwells in. I learnt how to bring people closer to who you are and in reconnecting you to your unique Soul DNA essence, so that you can create a new empowering financial reality for yourself.

Starting Yuniverse Speaks was based on a wish: for healing to be as simple as taking action to purchase something you like. I believe in channeling the Crystal’s Essence message instead of doing an energy reading of what suits you simply because blind spots are the areas that can create a vibrational shift.

 I believe that as one learns to be conscious creators through choice - you will manifest true abundance at a material and soul level. 

It is difficult, crossing-over from a stereotypical path of Success to one that is more fulfilling at a Soul level and with excess Abundance but I believe in guidance towards abundance strategies that are rooted in higher consciousness, self-awareness and soul purpose. 

There are also too many “boxes”, limiting how spirituality should look like or how spiritual roles should be like. From my learnings as a Blueprint designer; we were all created to express our own Divinity in the most unique form possible and almost no one person will have the same path as others. I strive to be that unchanging support for the collective to explore their own expressions, being a facilitator and advisor in helping them wield their power to heal and create in the highest good for themselves and for the collective. 

 Love, light and blessings

Edited by @mooninmyhands

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