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Jupiter in Pisces- Aquarius

Jupiter in Pisces- Aquarius


Jupiter in Pisces takes place in your 2nd house of money, resources, values, self-worth and survival skills. Typically, this transit is seen as a ‘money’ transit and is associated with a wealth of opportunities to increase your bank balance. In practice, Jupiter can bring more money to you, however it is also possible that spending increases to match. Pay attention to the outgoings as well as income. Still, Jupiter can bring blessings – maybe a pay rise, a grant, a new and higher paying job, a gift, finding an item of value at a junk shop or even in your garage. The point of Jupiter’s passage here is to increase your security. This would be an excellent time to learn more about how you handle and relate to money and to explore the spiritual principles of give and take, the energetic exchange behind financial transactions.

Better than the material benefits that Jupiter can bring though, are the psychological benefits as this is the house of self-worth. Jupiter says, value yourself more highly and look what happens – you get the job, the raise, the benefit, the sale. When we value ourselves, we don’t accept less than we’re worth in any sphere. The more you regard yourself through Jupiter’s optimistic lens, the easier it is to identify and subsequently use inborn skills and talents to create more security in your life. Jupiter’s presence here will also encourage you to live more in alignment with your personal values which grow in importance during this time.

Uranus is currently moving through your 4th house of home and family so there may have been a lot of disruption in your domestic sphere over the past few years. There’s a deep awakening happening that urges you to differentiate yourself from the family or culture you were born into. Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus brings an opportunity to make further alterations in your home life which will create better stability. Maybe the heirloom clock aunt Mildred gave you is suddenly your route to a deposit on a house. Or perhaps it’s because you love yourself more now that you embrace your freedom, liberating yourself from ties that bind.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune in your 2ndhouse could see the realisation of a dream in your financial sector. Money that comes to you may be your retirement fund for example or money made through Neptunian pursuits such as the arts. However big losses can also occur if you put all your eggs into one basket. Whilst this transit is filled with a lot of potential, the shadow side is it could find you chasing Fool’s Gold. For some, this aspect could also manifest as a strong desire to give away what you have, making a large charitable donation, help a friend or to spend money on spiritual courses and pursuits. Spending money on education is a general theme of Jupiter’s transit through the 2nd house too.

Pluto is currently in your 12th house, coming to the end of a long journey to transform your inner world. The Lord of the Underworld is rooting through your old baggage, throwing out that which you no longer need. Slowly, from the inside out, you are becoming lighter, ready for regeneration when Pluto hits your Ascendant in 2023. The powerful inner shifts that are taking place are supported by Jupiter now. The more faith you have in your ability to thrive and survive in this world, the more you trust the universe and yourself.

Love, light and blessings


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