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Jupiter in Pisces- Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces- Pisces


Jupiter in Pisces will occur in your 1st house of self and as your chart co-ruler, this transit will feel especially important for you. Jupiter in your 1st house can benefit your health as this is a house that pertains to your overall wellbeing. However, there can also be a tendency to over-indulge and weight gain is possible. Still, if there have been any health issues, you could find that you’re feeling better, even if conditions aren’t fully resolved. One of the phrases you may find yourself using during this transit is ‘I feel like myself again’.

As the 1st house is also connected to your overall appearance, this could be an ideal time to lose or gain weight intentionally, get fit, switch up your hairstyle or invest in a new wardrobe. The point is to feel happier with your look because Jupiter in the 1st house wants you to be seen. You’re more visible now and you could also attract teachers and helpers that show you the way.

Where Jupiter moves, it indicates ‘luck’ so with Jupiter travelling through the house of self, the luck you have is the luck you create. There’s a desire for a bigger and better life, to have an adventure, to travel – literally or metaphorically. Jupiter blesses you with increased confidence and you might experience situations like ‘right time, right place’. But if you look deeper, you’ll see that it was your self-belief that carried you to that point. Believe that there are blessings coming to you and blessings you shall find.

Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus in your 3rd house also engages your mind. Uranus travelling through this part of the chart is liberating you from old concepts and conditioning that has kept you stuck in the same mindset. Jupiter sextile Uranus for you equates to a change of mind boosts a change of outlook and vice versa. Maybe it’s just that you are seeing yourself in a different way now which means you are more able to communicate effectively with others.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune in your 1sthouse may bring someone who is like a fairy-godmother or perhaps it is you showering blessings and benedictions on others. Others are likely to be drawn to your kind nature during this time, feeling comfortable in your empathic presence. You just need to ensure you have good boundaries in place so that others don’t take advantage of this. You may be even more sensitive than usual, aware of subtle vibrations in the atmosphere, attuned to psychic information, seeing signs all around. If you find yourself overly emotional or unable to switch off, grounding exercises will help to shield you from the multitude of ethereal energies swimming around you.

Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto emphasises the potential for connecting with others. Pluto has been making its way through your 11thhouse, radically transforming, and regenerating how you connect with friends and the wider network of society. At times, there may have been issues of power and control in your social sector but Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto gives you an opportunity to claim your rightful place in the group. You may also find yourself hooking up with movers and shakers or simply finding that friendships deepen in intimacy as trust grows. This is also the house of future dreams and wishes so this influence could bring greater focus on the goals you hope to achieve. Now is the time to take the reins of your chariot and drive your horses towards your destination.

Love, light and blessings


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