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Jupiter in Pisces- Scorpio

Jupiter in Pisces- Scorpio


Jupiter in Pisces takes place in your 5th house of creativity, fun, pastimes and hobbies, children and romance. During this time, there is an opportunity to create more fun in your life, a perfect complement to the naturally intense part of your personality. This is the house of delight and for those with children, this may indicate an enjoyable period as you watch your offspring grow and change. You’re learning about one another, teaching one another. Maybe you’ve just had a child and you’re at home on maternity leave, falling in love with this beautiful little being you created. Maybe you decide now is the time to get pregnant. Note that increased fertility is a theme of this transit so take precautions if having children isn’t on the agenda!

For those without children, you’re growing in other ways, drawn to explore your creativity, try your hand at art or playing an instrument. You may find yourself in the zone, channelling material from the beyond or perhaps inspired by mystical art. For those with different interests, maybe you’re enjoying going out in the world again as cinemas and theatres begin to re-open or you’re following your favourite sports team. The point is that this is about expanding upon what delights you. Do what you can to live more, laugh more. Have an adventure, a short trip, a long trip, a daytrip.

Jupiter in the 5th house increases the chances of being seen but also the desire for others to pay attention to you. If romance has eluded you for a while, Jupiter’s presence here may bring someone of interest. It’s possible that they may have Jupiter characteristics – for example they are well travelled, foreign, a writer, teacher or lawyer.

Jupiter’s sextile with Uranus will bring together the house of romance and the house of partnership so relationships are a big theme for this transit. There’s an opportunity to take a different path perhaps, a new love or a new hobby that you and your long-term partner can enjoy together. If love matters are not prominent, this aspect could bring good people into your life that share the same interests.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune gives you stars in your eyes! Yes, this aspect could bring a romance with someone who is deeply spiritually inclined, super-empathic, an artistic dreamer. Aside from love, the increase in imaginative abilities could make great works of art. But if this wonderful energy isn’t channelled, it could also manifest as getting lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube or Netflix. Watch that drinking and partying don’t spin out of control and curb any desire to make a fast buck with a big gamble. Jupiter rules your natal second house of money.

Jupiter sextile to Pluto will call in your 3rdhouse of mind, learning, neighbours, schooling, and siblings. Pluto has been working on transforming what you think, unlearning old concepts that limit you from using your voice. Eradicating mental conditioning means you can express yourself with greater authority. At times, this may have been a mentally heavy process, but Jupiter lightens the load. Jupiter’s influence perhaps gives you the push to express what you have learned without fear. Some may learn to draw or enjoy home-schooling the kids. Maybe you’re minding the neighbours’ kids or your nieces and nephews. Perhaps you’re taking a class with your sibling for fun or teaching yourself to knit using online resources. This aspect says that to develop your creative self-expression, you have an opportunity to draw on depth of insight gained from experience.


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