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Jupiter in Pisces- Aries

Jupiter in Pisces- Aries


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 12thhouse, the house associated with the unconscious, dreams, sleep, spirituality, soul and self-sabotage. Normally Aries, you are confident, brave, go-getting and tend to hide your vulnerabilities and softer side. But Jupiter here will encourage you to explore your sensitive inner world and discover the hidden motivations that govern your outer world action. There’s less focus on goals and much more emphasis on the benefits of taking time out. As Jupiter rules your 9thhouse of travel, book a holiday if you can, even a staycation if actual travel is ruled out. If a holiday isn’t possible, lose yourself in a book to give yourself the break you need.

Create time to check in with your higher self. Opportunities come when you go within, when you withdraw, when you surrender – a challenge for a warrior such as yourself. Development is possible in your spiritual life and maybe you want to try your hand at tarot or make a call to your deity. If spiritual stuff is just not your bag, then any emptiness could be filled by getting involved with charitable endeavours – the local dog’s home, fostering, reading to the elderly, teaching prisoners meditation. Good luck comes when you surrender to the process, move with the tide, and relax. This is a time when you’re encouraged to transcend the everyday and embrace the extraordinary. If you’ve been wanting to write a novel or learn to paint, now is your time as imagination is increased.

The sextile between Jupiter and Uranus will bring together your 12th house of unconscious material and 2nd house of money. Uranus has perhaps been destabilising your bank balance, shaking things up, modernising, showing you where your unique talents lie, pushing you to find financial freedom. The connection to Jupiter will invite you to have a better relationship with money on an energetic level. An increased sense of faith and a willingness to surrender to life’s unknowns creates the positive excitement needed to revolutionise your income, liberating you from financial insecurity.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune says, make a wish for the planet, for the suffering of others, for the environment. Explore stories and teachings that lift you up, that inspire, that make you wonder about the universe, the heavens and the unseen worlds. Believe in your soul. Trust the Gods. Listen to your intuition and your soul-song.

Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto will also benefit material life as Pluto is currently travelling through your 10th house of career and reputation. Pluto has been here since 2008, creating a storm, periodically tearing down and rebuilding your professional life to ensure that you are on a path that is empowering and best uses the power you have. For many of you, there may have been a driving ambition to succeed in the outer world. Jupiter’s connection to Pluto could possibly bring secret benefactors, supporters behind the scenes or a sense of an angel on your shoulder. If there have been toxic power games in the workplace, this aspect may bring an opportunity for reconciliation, forgiveness or acceptance that brings a more positive dynamic. Career issues may feel less intense than they have for the past couple of years, giving a welcome break from laser focus on the job. Work feels better when you believe in what you are doing.


Love, light and blessings


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