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Super New Moon in Capricorn 2022

Super New Moon in Capricorn 2022

New Moon takes place 3rd January 02:33 GMT+8

Short Summary: This Super Moon Eclipse (New Moon on steroids at its closest to Earth), bringing geo-magnetic disturbance and erratic weather, might make you feel extra-sensitive. Hearing for you to channel the earthy Capricorn Moon into practical clearing, sweeping away anything that is preventing your energy and creativity from flowing freely. Use the energy for bringing more honesty and optimism in family matters and socialising. Hearing this New Moon also brings more of an adventurous spirit, so even in the way the Collective relate to the Coronavirus pandemic will be changing- shifting more to acceptance and not seeing it as a block to any goals anymore. Such perspective will definitely allow more personal freedom and sovereignty and for you to discover more adventurous and excitement in living. Capricorn new moon energy will influence to be very present in the moment, whether you like what's going on or not. When the moon goes out of bounds for a moment- there might be energies influencing rebelliousness, autonomy to an extreme, or even feeling super restricted-- don't overly dwell on it. New Moon itself is conjunct asteroid Sphinx- it means at this moment you might find yourelf captivated by something that has no concrete answer but when you do get the answer, you will realise it's a sensible one just that you have not grasp it yet. Hearing the need for blindfold to be off and to make space for inspiration. Gift yourself with gentle body work, being outside in nature, eating well. Jupiter in Pisces activates the karmic Nodes of Fate, giving you a glimpse of the big picture, the view from the mountaintop, evoking bright faith and fierce hope in the rising Jupiter/Neptune waters of new life just up ahead. Organic growth is a theme that keeps coming up- what does Organic means to you?


Detailed Energy Updates-

Energetically it can feel like a slow start to 2022, and there's currently alot of cosmo energies going on in Capricorn and Aquarius. Currently Sun and Moon is in Capricorn, Juno, Venus, Pluto, all in Capricorn, and then in Aquarius, which is also ruled by Saturn,  both signs are ruled by Saturn, we have Mercury and Saturn itself. Currently we are in the midst of Venus retrograde, and we have Mercury in shadow of its own upcoming retrograde. It might seem difficult but we definitely need to make some time for reflection for looking back. At the collective level- because of the buy-in towards Gregorian calendar traditions or even some culture's traditions- it can feel like it's the time to make massive plans or to set New Year goals but it's okay to not do so especially if you are feeling unsure, unclear or feeling restricted in some form of ways. 

We are in a very karmic period with the N-S nodes changing so your perspectives might all change going into March. Capricorn energy is also here to teach us to be very present in the moment right now, whether or not we like what's going on or we don't. 

The energy of the full moon will also fan career aspirations, what we want to achieve out there in the world. Ideas or plans around climbing the corporate ladder, thinking of how to get from here to there, how to get from this point to that- How can I do that? Am I able to do that? What do I need to learn? What advice do I need to have?  If you have been slacking off around self-responsibilities or duties, it can come across as a super fired up energy to get things straighten out, to find a plan you can commit to so you can head towards your goals. 

The Super New Moon is also in wide conjunction with Juno; often called the marriage asteroid. Energy influence around - What do you commit to this year? What will you promise yourself this year? What course-action-project-job hunt- project- relationship should I commit myself to? Hearing also - Where have I been inclined to quit too soon because I felt like I couldn't do it? Where have I not allowed myself to build my life? Where have I not allowed myself to work towards something that's important to me because I feel like I can't commit/ afraid to commit for long-term? 
Because of this conjunction, there's a part of the New Moon energy that feels like you confronting your inner child; your youthful self and be like "Now what do you want?" "What do you want to do?" "If you want to do this, you gotta commit!". There's an instigator kinda energy around stripping everything inessential away from us, so that we can get to the true core essence of ourselves, the truth of the heart so that we can fully invest in this soul-aligned path. Capricorn influence here might also make one feel rushed as if time is limited because Saturn ruler of Capricorn is lord of time. 

Super New Moon square Chiron in Aries. When Chiron is in Aries- collectively, everybody is dealing with issues around woundings affecting ability to take initiative/try new things and be brave/ to feel courageous and bold. The complication here is the energy can come across as feeling scared, feeling cautious about starting new or feeling one don't want to go through same wounds or hurt again. There's a slight wake-up call with this New Moon saying "Hey! It's now or never, one gotta start somewhere!". Collectively, there's this nervousness and self-doubts surfacing as deliberations such as "Can we do it?" "Will something come up and interfere with that process?" "Will I lack stamina or energy halfway?" 

Uranus trine this New Moon, there's also an energetic influence of organic growth and allowing yourself to feel excited and of being able to see the potential round the corner. Because Uranus can be quite detached emotionally, so this is when this little bit of detachment helps with identifying what needs to be worked on. Hearing the background noise fades away and the negative inner dialogue gets muted. So this can come out as "I am going to break this tradition!", "I am going to break these beliefs I believe about my potential." " I am going to say bye to all that I said I could never do or try.". Hearing for the collective to be flexible, to allow trials and experiments with new things so that organic growth can be part of the process. 

New Moon conjunct asteroid Sphinx- it means at this moment you might find yourelf captivated by something that has no concrete answer but when you do get the answer, you will realise it's a sensible one just that you have not grasp it yet. Eg. enigmas, the unknowns, puzzles, myths, mysteries 

New Moon out of bounds less than a day later, so there can be this suddenly flip-flop of energy and it can feel like doing your own things, being a little rebellious, wanting to shift beyond current conditionings but with Capricorn in the mix- it can feel like shifting into (sometimes more) resistance. Be careful of the shadow aspects of Capricorn showing up from 4th onwards. 

As the energy builds towards the Full Moon in Cancer, we are getting this encouragement to to break this pattern that we're in to break the mould, we don't have to keep doing the same thing over and over and over. We need to make space for this new influence this new inspiration that's coming through from Uranus.

If we go outside of our normal routine, or if we change our perspective, if we try something new, if we are brave (Chiron in Aries), if we are brave enough to be a newer version of ourselves, to take that outsider perspective, if we are courageous, if we are willing to free ourselves from these constraints, from these conditions that we've put ourselves in - or the conditions that have been put upon us the conditioning that has been put upon us. If we are willing to do that, and to see things differently, then there is something valuable to discover here. 

We might discover something that we never thought of. Perhaps a different perspective and then the A-HA! moment. This moment of genius, this flash of genius that comes through from Uranus as well. Hearing that whatever we uncover, whatever we find, was there all along.

This Super New Moon teaches us that we need to really be in the present moment, be with the reality of our situation, good, bad or indifferent. Just be there and look at our existence, our life, to be really present with what is to be really open to the idea of our interpretation of reality, and how that interpretation can be shaped and moulded and how we can change that interpretation- thus changing our reality. 

As you read these words that are being shared in this post, please respect that they may sound universal but are still co-created by myself. Feel free to digest and incorporate the essence of the knowledge that you may gain from your understanding. However, please observe our boundaries. No content should be taken out or shared without permission for energetic integrity.

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