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Weekly Energy Forecast 3rd January to 9th January

Weekly Energy Forecast 3rd January to 9th January


3rd January- Super New Moon in Capricorn (read here)
Find your footing as you begin to grasp the new possibility of a new structure. Inner sense that this foundation is important. Realism fighting with the urge for re-invention.

4th January- Mercury begins the first of three trines to the North Node
Cosmic energy supporting a conversation or connection to surface facilitating Collective Evolution. Hearing it's about a change in mindset, in moving forward, and at this moment this change will not allow you to see the big picture but it will definitely lead you there. Jupiter squaring the Nodes signify a turning point in spiritual growth. Hearing this is when you should take a long hard look at anything before investing in it as the truth- the truth often does not always look like a book on a glowing pedestal or hidden in the depths of a mystical mountain- sometimes it's just right infront of you.  
Jupiter is also currently now in Pisces (old blog posts for Jupiter in Pisces is available)- hearing the collective is now going to be moving forward in searching, in looking for opportunities to increase faith in self and in unity and peace. Feeling that there's this broad 
energy around a vision or hope for the collective good for everyone's betterment. Yet this Jupiter influence can also adds to the intense emotionality and psychic dimensions of the Yod* hence gentle reminder that healing, grace and benediction are possible when you consciously choose to behave in ways that do not recycle old experiences-lessons. You definitely have the opportunity to do something different. 
- Hearing also shadow expressions might flare up sharply, so you'll want to be conscious around escapism, ignoring, being in denial. Take note that an emotional trigger or perceived challenge to pride-success or even ego is not a good place to make sound judgements from. 

Yod: The yod is a mystical symbol of a problem, issue, or conundrum in your life. The two sextile planets talk about something you need or want to do, but the apex planet reflects something that keeps getting in the way.

Juno- Black Moon Lilith in Gemini will bring an influence where soul connections that seek to perpetuate erasure, marginalisation, or suppression of key facets of soul-identity will feel triggering. Hearing when this happens, your task is simply to dissolve the connection or work towards transforming it into something potentially less intense. Hearing to get out of backstabbing, gossip, lying kinda trauma. 

Ceres 28 Taurus Conjunct Sedna-  Hearing there is a difference between helping someone in a way that liberates them vs helping someone in a way that looks good on the surface, but actually just encourages further dependency. Do body work or tap into the energy of your body to see where the wounds of betrayal are surfacing. In fact with the mean North Node at 29 Taurus, some of you might feel strong distrust coming up which they can't place. Hearing that what may be coming up for you now is not necessarily about you in the present life, in the present moment. It is often related to past lives where you might have had violent encounters with nurturers/caregivers. 

5th January-  Hearing there's an influence around giving space to the younger and newer generation, to allow their version of stories to be heard even if it's different from what majority of the collective have experienced. Creating space for new energies to step up and be heard is naturally a kind of mentorship the Collective should hold to further its evolution.
Sextile between Venus retrograde and Neptune- a powerful opportunity to bridge physical and spiritual realities. Sometimes the focus on spirituality can be considered a mark of privilege in its own right because so many in the collective have no time to breathe, let alone contemplate their place in the enormity of it all. Hearing for you to do your part whenever you can, or simply be your Divinity wherever you can so you can inspire others. This influence also asks you to lean into what and who you love. Hearing it is an inspiring period for anyone in the creative field- allow your heart to lead the way. 

6th January- No major influence but there's still a Neptune influence asking you to look at the deeper spiritual and karmic lessons you have to come to learn and be inspired by how you have found answers for yourself along the way. Look at how your daily habits, tools and rituals are helping you to be in the here and now? Look at tools, perspectives, energies and practices that can connect you to where you need to be if needed. Hearing for you to be multifaceted. 
- If you are in a position of working or interacting with younger innocent beings, take more care and create a safe space for their youth and innocence to speak. This is not blindly following a child's words, but rather acknowledging any innate wisdom arising from the eyes of the child and letting that innocence show you the way if you are willing to see it.
- Hearing also another perspective to look at love; love is in the ability-desire-willingness to communicate, and also to create trust where that space of connection is possible. 

7th January- Venus conjunct Juno (The first conjunction was on October 31 last year in Sagittarius. This one is in Capricorn and the final conjunction is on March 28 in Aquarius.) Hearing there's this energy around fairness and look at your relationships and the role you play in them when it comes to equality and sharing responsibilities. Feeling like eyes are opening up to why does sacrifices need to be made in the name of love? Why must does be unfairness? Why must there be uneven contribution? Look into inherited maternal-paternal energies or any repetition of old dynamics you see in your parents. Otherwise positively the cosmos is asking you to commit to your vision, to do the work, to commit to the future. This time round the  question of commitment and agreement is broached with a different agenda, each meeting building on the last conjunction. Hopefully, by the time Juno and Venus meet in Aquarius, we’ll have gained enough objectivity to really see the benefits of the hard work we’ve been doing here. Hearing if you do not know which road to take- just find a solution, find more information, find more understanding. 

8th January- Pallas squares Mars, forming a sextile to Sun
Hearing don't be duped by likely possibility of a quick resolution when it comes to your dilemmas or frustrations. However there is a solution and anything you take on is to help you incorporate and embody the energy of the Sun and like the teaching of Pallas. Eg. listening to intuition, consulting innate soul wisdom, any forms of soul-facilitation help. I am seeing how sometimes it's the in between- of finding the right strategy and yet feeling at odds with is it 100% possible that the innate soul wisdom shows up. Hearing look towards your Jupiter in Pisces influence to understand where any passivity or aggressiveness is stemming from. 
There's also a msg about Yin-Feminine energy coming forth- alto of harm has been done to the Yin-Feminine energy on this planet in the past using the rhetoric of enlightenment. Hearing there's no reason to erase yourself or stand by erasure or lack of acknowledgement for another's fundamental essence or life force in the "name of the greater good". 
For any aspects nearing 23 Virgo- look into daily practices, tools and eating habits that sustain you- connecting you with deeper self-love.

9th January- Midpoint of the Venus retrograde as Venus joins the Sun on January 9. Gaining illumination as to the meaning of this Venus retrograde for self – remember, you become more like whatever the Sun touches. Essence of Love- whatever it represents in your own individuation of Divinity. You will be able to see clearly as long as you drop fully into your heart. Your perspective matter so it is important to be open-minded. Hearing sudden awakening around your deepest values or even protecting what you love about yourself so that you will understand how to decide your path ahead. 
Another message coming in around responsibilities, whether you are carrying what's within your capacity effectively or do you have tendency to carry other's responsibilities or find it hard to say no?Neptune’s connection to Juno symbolises spiritual contracts that are more visible around this time and they might be people you don't necessarily like however it is important to understand their role, their position in your life to act as helpers, to facilitate our soul’s growth.
Also, is your current journey for your soul transcending or recycling old karmic cycles? Hearing that your dreams because of Neptune 20 Pisces sextile Juno will be showing you signs where you can do more release. At times, discernment between deep soul-level connections can be challenging because of attachment however this is also the path of journey of truth and growth. 

Overview: We have also reach the First Quarter Moon, however there’s a sense of impatience because the Moon in Aries (independent and fast-moving) also trine to Mars. Huge energy around initiation, taking things forward, assertion of self and pushing ahead but definitely the Capricorn influence in Sun, Venus, Juno and Pluto will be semi-forcing you to slow down. The trick is to use your energy, will and drive consistently rather than the bursts of speed that Aries influence likes. Soul Alignment is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Take note that Venus Retrograde in Capricorn (read here) is all about practicality in love and security as you discern through and commit to in terms of a larger process of building, embodying and being. Influence will be felt till mid march. Commit to self- what will you be doing now?

As you read these words that are being shared in this post, please respect that they may sound universal but are still co-created by myself. Feel free to digest and incorporate the essence of the knowledge that you may gain from your understanding. However, please observe our boundaries. No content should be taken out or shared without permission for energetic integrity.


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