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Weekly Energy Forecast 10th January to 16th January

Weekly Energy Forecast 10th January to 16th January

10th January- Mercury’s sextile to Chiron 
Today's energy is like a healing balm to any communication difficulties and helps build bridges rather than break them. Still, words can make or break so be very discerning about what you say and whom you say it to. This is the first of three sextiles* due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde period. For some, today's energy can also come across as being stuck or not being able to fully clearly articulate what you need- still, do take the first step in trying. Hearing that if you need support and help- there's always people around that facilitate that process. 
- Minor energies influence; Hearing if old karma is coming up or the weight of it is showing- old. negative karma can make situations-self feel like it's right yet you will realise there's no progress despite waiting it out-enduring-sustaining-accepting. 
- Learn to practice more self-care and be careful of people who expect you to erase yourself in the name of Love. 

Sextiles are an invitation – we don’t have to do what a sextile asks of us. But if we accept the invitation, there’s a suggestion that we will benefit from it.

11th January- busy day for Cosmos/astrologically busy day
Sun conjunct Juno and sextile to Neptune- Hearing it's back to relationships and connections and the focus on commitment is illuminated yet again. Energy supports forgiveness, supports turning the other way or being open-minded about the meaning of the connection. Hearing for you to re-examine if soul connections you hold onto help you build more in this world, or not? For some, it will look like what it means to choose from the heart? What it means to live by your values? What it means to be in love? For bodywork, watch your feet and your gait and listening to your hips will tell you more about your heart. Influence of sun-neptune sextile brings you an opportunity to engage your creativity as well as to tap into more expressions of kindness and compassion- I am seeing like a vast ocean- reminds me of how bottomless inspiration can be. Hearing when you relax you can go beyond boundaries and sense the invisible world at work around you. This energy feels like an invitation to commit to your soul work. It is also a good day to create a safe space and connect with your inner child.
Vesta entering Capricorn- hearing it support your devotion to your Divinity but you might be receiving messages in the form of establishing more structure, more discipline and even "putting in more hard work" but actually the underlying energy above all of the work is concentration. Concentration on your Divinity. This concentration will also be translating into investing-building-choosing the right people and resources with your new vision.
Mars Square Neptune- the energy here can feel a little problematic especially if you have a tendency to sink into helplessness or having issue with self-assertion or feeling despondence. Momentary disorientation. Hearing this influence can make one question what's the point of fighting a losing war, what's the point of going after what I want especially if it seems so far away. Yet there's this emotion of "I should be doing something" nagging away. Hearing instead boo being swept away by the downside of this energy, leverage for use in creativity and in acting on your intuition. Go with what should be done and don't lose faith. Focus on figuring where you are now, not the past, not the future but NOW.
Eris stationing direct- some discordance or instability showing up. In fact, on screens there might be more disclosure on where people are abusing their powers. Hearing this energy encourages independence from tyranny. It will definitely shout out the elephant in the room. Hearing change is uncomfortable and there will be disharmony in the process. 

12th January- Hearing for you to pay attention to your body and pay attention to your food. Examine your 5-sensory experience in your environment. Hearing for health-wise, pay attention to cervical collar, parathyroid and thyroid. You don't need to be jumping on the same spear someone else ran into. 

13th to 14th January- Mars out of Bounds 
Hearing the energy can feel like breaking the rules when it comes to expressions of passion, anger, drive and will. Positive aspect is genius or inventive solutions that will further instigate your energy and motivation. Very positive day to allow your inspirations to help you map new goals, change up routines. Do take note that it can also come across as impatience, impulsiveness or strong desires that led to unproductive or ego-led actions that may potentially send you off course. Mars will be out of bounds till mid February. 

15th January- Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius ( a tricky retrograde because it will also go back into Capricorn for a moment). Definitely influence around re-thinking the future and re-laying foundations and now it is all around your communication, your verbal and non-verbal self-expression, your "mental body".  This retrograde influence your reputation in public, at work and also what you build as an image- influence via your communication and thoughts around your beliefs on political systems, about society, about rules, about regulations and governments. 
Ceres stationing direct- this will confuse confusion around whether you think you are progressing or are you regressing. Hearing survival, security and sustainability issues will be surfacing. 

16th January- Only towards the transition to 17th January then we have Sun meeting with Pluto. 

Overall: Focus on learning curves on 11th January and be open to even more changes coming up from Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius- strongly advice you to get clear on what January brings you, get clear on what Venus Retrograde brings you, get clear on what you want to push for in soul work- such that when Mercury Retrograde is added to the mix- you will be thriving and breaking limits in a positive manner. Hearing also intense emotions will surface around 16th so focus on self, give yourself time to work on self constructively. 



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