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Weekly Energy Forecast 14th March to 20th March

Weekly Energy Forecast 14th March to 20th March

Card Pull for the week:


14th March- Conflict around fact vs heart knowing
Conflict around matters surrounding nourishment, nurturing, what you cherish and what's organically around. Energy feels like your heart know but your mind is over rationalising/arguing. Feelings are key here so direct it towards meaningful conversations than the need to draw conclusions immediately. 
- Look at responses to issues that gotta do with generational patterns of authority, control, restriction - who gets glorified/ignored/ silenced or drawn into the unhealthy dynamic. 
-- Great day to do some creative work or to flow with the energy, allowing for natural adaptability to overcome stall in communication/ expression matters. 
---- Pay attention to the health of the feet, gut, ankles, lungs. 

15th March- Sun in Pisces x NN in Taurus 
- Energy can feel like guiding light towards spiritual evolution. Step into that flow of feeling you were immersed in yesterday, allow yourself to be carried by the tide, find your own personal meaning to the world and your place within it. 
- Be careful of false light, don't go for what's quick and instead what's sustainable 
-- Be open and aware of karmic patterns to do with intimate abuse especially in close connections and family. If you happen to be feeling stuck or feel like you're in a situation of 
volatility- don't put yourself in a position where you cannot get out of or where your word will be blatantly ignored. 

16th March- "Fix it" day 
Everyone uniquely have different ways of addressing difficulties in a sustainable manner. Today's energy support recognising of the pattern so that you can see what's missing or eluding you. Chiron support here helps you realise how the big picture can shift when you piece the missing pieces together. 
- A day for holistic shift- energy work.
-- Beginning of the Full moon's energy 

17th march- Conceptualising new ways 
Energy support possibility of flashes of inspiration that will be helping you identify new paths, new choices, or even new ways. For some, it can be like a sudden knowing or removal of mental blockages. Getting an image of static being cleared here. 
- Reconsider "crazy" ideas, different frames of reference and new information. Can utilise this day for brainstorming, think tanks or even inspiring self for the future.
-- Planets with pisces and taurus houses- can expect positive or unexpected changes. 
--- Energy is also supporting holding a conversation, communicating, being encouraged to have a 
talk. If you happen to be experience negative emotions, then you might feel like you want to withdraw. However it is good to leverage on the energy to keep the dialogue going or open, will help to overcome possible slippery slope. 

18th March- Full Moon in Virgo 
Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces which brings up tension between the unconscious and the conscious mind and between instinct and ego. What you feel and what you believe may seem at odds. 
- Sun sextile Pluto energy offering empowerment and resolve. Here is an encouragement to release outmoded ways of being, to stop hanging onto the same old labels that no longer fit so as to allow healing to occur in close connections and relationships. It’s not that you should have to suffer to learn something but sometimes your suffering can teach you valuable lessons, and it's time for this growth. 

19th March- Feeling supported or wanting to cut and run
Energy here can seem like affections is lesser- milder because you might want to have more space in your personal connection. Do remember it's a fine balance between keeping adequate distance and cutting it off together. 
- For some, there's going to be some unexpected money surprises. Even if it's not so positive, remember even if the energy are at odds- there's an understanding that it is to bring resolution for the better. 
-- Potential tension and groundbreaking changes as a result of taking action on our desires.
--- For some of you, talking it out or having mindful conversation today will help you to realise the roots of problems for you to break out of. 

20th March- Sun enters Aries (Spring Equinox) 
More fire energy (hurray!)- taking actions and being clear about plans will feel better this month. However the Collective is still wrapping up issues from the earlier Mercury/Venus Retrograde so continue to work on closing or wrapping things up, before taking necessary actions. 
- Do watch out for the energy of impatience, practice prudence.

*Signature of 2022 is heavy in earth, air/ water - it's great to welcome a month of Aries especially when bulk of fire energy is due to Jupiter retrograding in Aries in second half of the year. 



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