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Weekly Energy Forecast 7th March to 13th March

Weekly Energy Forecast 7th March to 13th March

Card Pull for this week

7th March- although no major transit
Communication may be tense at this time especially if you are bridging issues such as the violation of critical boundaries or wanting to establish healthier intimacy, or going into territories where there's alot of personal fears.
This can come across as energy of "trigger" around feelings of invisibility, traumas and generally not knowing how to move ahead with present energy. 
- South Node in Ceto is bringing up old baggage and triggers to do with your vulnerable, sensitive aspects of self. This can be a problem if your thought process/communication lacks tact. 
-- North node in Taurus is providing a sense of direction through all of this- what kind of communication will result in long-term stability and abundance and healing?
Health wise pay attention to electronics, your ankles and your nervous system. 
--- Powerful time to commit to or walk away from patterns of trauma coded into somatic memory. While it is vital to recognise one's wounds, it is important not to make the wound into one's identity. 
---- Message for powerful call to action, but it also mean don't jump off a cliff just because your friends or surrounding people are.

8th March- no major transit but some complicated energy- Grand Fixed Cross with Sila-Nunam in Leo and N/S nodes in Taurus and Scorpio can bring up unexpected triggers to do with ancestry, serpentine or draconic lineages, unhealed wounds, unacknowledged scars and themes of betrayal. 
Powerful energy to describe, understand, observe and interpret less tangible or hidden aspects of your mind. 

9th March- no major transit but I will talk about the small triggers that potentially can come up
- Old wounds from past may surface especially if it's a situation if you are not sure whether you are the abuser or abuser or both. Focus on honesty and self-expression healing. 
- Find a space of emotional safety in your truth, if it is not working- don't force it.
-- Watch the ankles and general health

10th March- Mercury’s ingress into Pisces
Mercury traditionally finds it hard to function here and the trick is to allow intuition to inform your decision, this intuition will be from your gut. Your brains now will probably be very expansive resource but not a good benchmark to take as your intuition. Positively, wonderful time for tender conversations because one is more empathetic and supportive in communication. Creativity will be getting a super boost here, but it is important to relax and wait for further information, rest and sleep if needed. Allow the flow of Mercury to inspire but do not allow it to befuddle you with glamours and projected fears. 
- Vesta enters Aquarius; a lot can come up with those you see as benefactors, members of your community online, patrons of your work, or even guides-friends-members of the same collective or frequency. Some will need to be strengthened, others re-worked or dissolved entirely. To turn a corner, you might have to replace logic with intuition and trust that things will naturally resolve in their own time. 

11th March- no major transit 
- Feelings of inadequacy can come up, health wise- pay attention from the neck upwards. 
-- Not all of your ancestors will be supportive, be discerning. As you push the limits of what your ancestors thought were possible, you are also paving the way for self in the future. 
- Look at your business-work-professional investments/connections with the Feminine, be it embodiments-ideals-roles-stereotypes- and ask yourself what can be better improved or perfected?
- Relationships will be tested at this time, resist imbalanced expectations of giving or receiving care. Remember that it is one thing to give because of intrinsic worth and merit of kindness, it is another to position oneself on expectation that the other will keep giving. 

12th March- no major transit 
Be careful because today is about slowing down. Not the best day for ideological debates or technical launches or even launching into anything headfirst. 
- Don't rush things, no matter how much your ego desires. Hearing desires are not the same as discernment. 
- Reminder for those working through co-dependency dynamics and issues of energetic engmeshment. You can be here and be worthy. You don't need to define your worth by a partner. 
- Grand Water Trine- for some of you; your emotions can lead you to deep places but you gotta be willing to confront the hidden pattern of toxicity in any connections. Hearing powerful time for you to recycle ancestral karma that's been unprocessed. 

13th March- Sun conjunct Neptune x Hygeia
This intensifies the already intense detoxification process around power dynamics in relationships. Hygeia seeks to protect and purify. By releasing old fears and rage, we cleanse unconscious motivations that can drive us in the wrong direction. Hearing for you to cleanse by sticking to truth. Energy here seems as if you may have a sense that you are going through old ground. Things that you thought you've dealt with might reappear for further inspection. It’s important that you allow the process to unfold because this is a highly regenerative and restorative transit that has the potential to heal many wounds.
- You might feel vulnerable. Whether this vulnerability uplift, oppress, clarify or misdirect is currently unknown. Just be clear and pay attention to your own energy. Some might experience body aches or inflammation or odd pains in relation to old karmic wounds. 
-- For some, this energy can be very very inspirational to communicate with Soul from a place of alignment. 
*What you experience here depends on where you are in life and in your experience. 



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