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Weekly Energy Forecast 21st March to 27th March

Weekly Energy Forecast 21st March to 27th March

Card pull for the week:

To shine in your own light, to have radiant curiosity, and do not partake in drama around you. You can always change the wheel to turn in your favour, how can you tune into your own rhythm in a harmonious manner? 

21st March- Mercury forms a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces
Wonderful period for those whom are creative and it can feel like a rather creative period. Be careful of being too in your head and the hazy-dreamy-spacy energy is being intensified.  For some, this energy is actually an invitation for you to disconnect from the logical world and to connect more with your creativity and what inspires or entertains you. Dream state wise- feel like you're able to explore some archetypes or wisdom as long as you intend, bringing some consciousness awareness to the activity that is sleeping. For some, you might be feeling the urge to stretch your understanding of the world and this can feel like losing self a little (which is great as long as not too much!).  For some, be careful of the need to escape because the energies can also be very uncomfortable, intense or even coming up as paranoid feelings. As such, be careful of confusing intuition with anxiety and feeding irrational fears. Instead, focus on releasing fearful thoughts and anxiety that's coming from imagined scenarios not grounded in reality. 
- Mars sextile Chiron; theme is still around tutoring and learning, being both a teacher and learning from a mentor. Take advantage of this energy by being proactive around approaching wisdom of all types. The energy can come across as a kind of bravery, feeling brave enough to confront any weakness that could scupper your chances of getting what you want, not that there wouldn't be any fear of rejection or failure but this energy is great for pushing ahead to fix what's alrdy broken and should have been mended long time ago. For some, this can seem like a sudden rush of motivation after a prolonged period.

22nd March- Mars moves into a square with Uranus
Can be a pretty uncomfortable energy to be in because Uranian influence here brings in a kind of impulsiveness and a tendency to leap from the frying pan into fire. Energy here can also feel kind of accident-prone so it's good if you don't just react or leap to defence or offence but assess and observe the situation before figuring out a strategy. It's like a day where you cannot presume the unintended or unexpected consequence so it's best to not move too fast. You can also utilise on this energy to act upon coming out of your box, breaking free from your own limits and striving for freedom of your true self- a desire to live life on your own soul's terms. Just be careful of it manifesting as wilful rebelliousness because it can alienate or hurt friends and family. 
- Moon going into sagittarius; optimism and feeling lightheartedness is refreshing but just don't take it as a sign to be overly impulsive.

23rd March- Your intuition is aware of the path you are meant to follow. Today's energy can be liken to activation that bring you closer to your soul and your karmic purpose.  Although the piscean energy makes the energy feel hazy and nebulous, but it's no longer confusing to talk about what you stand for in your communication. Trick to leverage on this energy is to create more time and space to listen especially if Uranian impulses been making you feel anxious-nervous-jittery. Hearing a gentle conversation with a close friend or family can easily help gain some needed clarity. For some, might feel a compelling urge towards a conversation with someone who can help nudge you towards discovering your best self. 

24th March- No major transit.
Moon going into Capricorn can make one feel more productive and yet emotionally reserved and stoic. 

25th March- Conflict between the old and new
Hearing under this energy, you will feel better when you're working together or with like-minded people to achieve something that's tangible. However you might still feel overly cautious or careful. Hearing also for you to not be too impatient with new beginnings. It is not logical to throw away everything that you have built- some needs to be the stepping stone towards the new; so a happy medium between keeping what you have established whilst allowing yourself to start work on new goals and challenges to satisfy any thrill-seeker urges. Allow this energy to reset yourself especially if you have been feeling much stagnant the last two months. 

26th March- Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto
Helpful energy that help the mind focus on what needs to stay, what needs to be released given your quandary between new and old yesterday. You might also find a part of you that wants to go deeper into you subconscious-unconscious to look at the wounds, to look at the root cause or what's hidden deep within your psyche. Great time to be working with dreams for healing. Energy here can feel more grounded because Pluto also gives power to what it touches so your mental abilities are amplified in a good way during this time. 
- Understand and acknowledge your own inner voice. Everybody's inner voice have their own unique power and strength, some are healing, some are motivating, some are regenerating etc. Connect with the part of your inner voice that you've been ignoring. If acknowledgement means changing your mind subtly then you don't have to stick to the same idea, the same thought, the same old lessons or outdated frameworks. Choose to change depending on where the flow of life takes you.

27th March- Mercury enters Aries

Lovely energy for you to work on instilling bravery and being inspired. Being more assertive in your communication will definitely be helpful after Aries New Moon. For now, also the momentum to pick up gradually. Be careful if you have the tendency to shoot your mouth off during today's energy, also don't nitpick or get yourself entangled into unnecessary heated arguments. Use the energy to voice out opinions neutrally and also it's a great day to network as well.




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