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Weekly Energy Forecast 28th March to 3rd April

Weekly Energy Forecast 28th March to 3rd April

Card pull for this week:

Work on deservingness because it is time to be ready to receive. For some, you might also be calibrating on what's the next milestone for self. Watch out for self-sabotage. Also for a specific few, it's time to work on emotional dis-entanglement. 

28th March- Venus forms conjunctions with Juno and Saturn
You will be tested on your commitment to self, to one another within a group or within a part of society.  But this influence can be karmic- there might be lessons or growth around values. For some at a personal level, the growth will be showing up in partnership. Focus of healing will be around boundaries and restrictions vs permissions. This energy can come across as being more serious or willing to explore on how to find a balance between close connections and friendships while not compromising on values. For some, it can be revisiting where connections have gotten out of balance, or where unfair treatment has gotten in the way of expressing of good feelings or love. Just be careful that if you are still in the process of establishing your own sovereignty-empowerment, you might also be face with triggers or memories that make you doubt your. own self-worth. 
- Venus x Saturn focus can also make one realised where you are not feeling deserving when it comes to receiving recognition and resources. Saturn influence here is prompting a reality check and it feels like it's time to map out a plan. In layman, you're being shown where you can detox further to allow the good to take priority in your life. Reminder that as long as you can commit, situations will slowly improve over time. Sometimes fast fixes will result in ups and downs, so you might be more conscious if delayed gratification benefits more in long-term sustainable creations. 
-- Chiron sextile Ceres; energy of healing begins with cherishing yourself and one another. It's not about over recognising or prioritising another's value more than self, but the recognition that energy is transferable, healing is transferable, if others feel good, they will interact with you positively too and vice versa. Reminder that you can alleviate pain through nurturing, encouraging conversations and being proactive when it comes to maintaining positive connections. 
--- Take note for some of you, there's kinda karmic energy around relationships so exes can come out of the woodwork of if you start a connection with someone right now, be discerning. 

29th March- Saturn perfects its conjunction to Juno
Hearing the energy is centred around responsibilities in both personal and work-business-profession. It's going to look varied depending on where you're at, for some- you're going to realise how your parenting/parental experience filtered into your relationships. For others, it can be like an exciting start towards a long-term commitment, a marriage, a business or even a financial deal or a job.
- Neptune x NN energy helps in bring in synchronic experience for you to realise more opportunities so it's good to release jealousy and animosity. For some, this energy going to show up as a thought, random thoughts, dreams. If you are disconnected, go for a walk, go and create time purposefully to sit and relax. Hearing for you to focus on being the best version of you that you can be without forcing yourself to live up to standards dictated by social media or social circles. 



30th March- Venusian influence
Energy here will be triggering questions around how free do you feel you can be yourself when it comes to your friends, your social groups, and society.  Do you accept difference, value it and give some appreciation? Or Do you feel compromised, hard done by, rejected or unwelcomed? Hearing to release self from the power games of S-South node and leverage on the security of T-NN, allow forgiveness so that you can move forward with compassion and understanding.
Where do I need to release control in my life?
Affirm: I am worthy of claiming, protecting and defending my rightful place in the world. 

31st March& 1st April- New Moon in Aries
Hearing alot of potential for healing because there's an Aries stellium so take advantage of it with open and honest communication. On 27th, Mercury went into Aries- key is still be tactful with words because some can still be healing/working-in-progress despite what's seen on the appearance. This New Moon is important because it marks the beginning of Eclipse season however I feel the more potent eclipse for us in Singapore is the second half of the year. What's coming up in May is still a partial eclipse.  Do expect new issues or new growths to show up from 4th April onwards because it signify a new cycle of learning. For this New Moon- challenge is that any form of pushiness (both good and bad) or pressure (both good and bad) can be easily felt and this can create a more reactive response. For some, learn to pause before speaking. This lunation can energise a new healthier start on healing or give you courage to strike out on a new path.
What needs to be healed to embrace my true value?

2nd&3rd April- Sun, Mercury x Chiron
Hearing the energy is geared towards a more reflective state of mind. There's also this tempestuous degree to the energy here, find healthy ways to communicate your anger and deal with pent up pressures. For some, leverage on the willingness or impulse to speak out about your woundings and find the courage to heal. To find the strength within self. As Sun-Mercury perfect the energy x Chiron; if the day before you didn't allow yourself to explode, to detonate, to let loose what's keeping you bottled up.. you might find that you are more easily tempted, more easily thrilled by promise of fast gratifications aka base behaviour. Great day to work with energy of the Sun. Have a dialogue and connect to Gaia.



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