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17th February Full Moon in Leo

17th February Full Moon in Leo

Card Pull for this Full Moon:

For this particular Full Moon- there are actually cosmos happenings that doesn't really touch the Lunar culmination but need to be considered because of its impact. Positive sign out of all is that the planets are now in direct motion. In a way, momentum is picking up. 

Summary: This Leo Full Moon is re-activates the Solar Eclipse experienced back in August 2017 and it is a pretty karmic energy around destiny, so you might encounter situations that feel destined or pre-destined. Energy of this moon is full of spiritual revelation and purpose- signifying a renewal of spirit, a desire to reset and re-evaluate. For some, this energy won't feel good, you might feel like you're being pressured to make a decision. Hearing the key is for you to discern and step out of any existing patterns. Supportive energy showing up as reminders for the universe around looking for the illusion that wears the mask of passion, instead of thinking what's the truth. When you acknowledge the illusion, you will be able to find the path closer to your true heart, and not be acting upon the manipulation that the lens of illusion is wearing. For some, this can look like veils created by self to restrict your own evolution. For some, it can also look like learning to live life beyond minimum. Venus x Mars energy here will also be supporting this Full Moon in integrating completion in your life. What else can be released more? For some of you, might be experiencing more tantrums and control issues in relationships with people- learn to not be overtaken by energies of control and romanticisation of passion and ego, instead learn to not respond due to an emotional impulse or reaction. Instead, you should be choosing peace, creating healthy boundaries, being more calm and grounded. With compassion for self, encode a neural pathway to create a sanctuary for your emotional and somatic world and lived experience to be held. Individuation does not mean being more or less "spiritual", but around how attune you are to your own highs and lows and consciously deciding for yourself.This Full Moon is testing your ability to live in your heart and not your ego.


This Leo Full Moon's chart is sling shaped and it means 1/3 of the planets are kinda bundled together so there's alot of action going on in Capricorn, in Aquarius, in Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces. Moon happens to be on the other side of this sling- almost like the handle of this sling. Be careful if you are over fixated or over obsessing on one path almost taking it upon self as a kind of mission. 
Why is it not good to be too fixated over one thing-   it is then very hard for you to see what is going on around? You will find yourself lacking perspective that's very much required when such energy is at play.

- Venus conjunct Mars; opportunity to be tapping into your heart energy for the authentic desire to create what you want. For some, this can come across as wanting to bring things together. For some, it can be like giving a seed of inspiration a kind of being or spirit. 
-- Another way to look at this energy is to have a reality check in relationships or in interactions where complementary balance is key. For some married or committed parties, there's a need to work out responsibilities for both parties in  relation to your obligations to each other. Almost like an upgrade in synergy for the connection. This will then lead to a more heart-centered commitment of energies around what both now holds sacred and authentic to self and to both.
During Venus Retrograde-you went through all that big re-evaluation to figure out what's truly important to you. And now, the union with Mars says, you need to act on this, you need to do something about this, bring it into being.                                 

- Full Moon in Leo brings to attention the playfulness, the natural creativity you hold at your heart center. Be conscious about where pride is hijacking/sabotaging your own authenticity. This is an excellent time to really think about what does your inner child need? Where do you need to be more playful in life? Where do you need to be more joyful? Why do you need to perhaps loosen up a bit especially with all that fixed energy! Hearing it will be good for you to focus on healing around attention. How comfortable are you with attention? Are you getting enough attention? Do you feel you're getting attention? Do you draw attention to yourself that's not healthy?  
- Tension between sun in aquarius x Leo Moon; struggle between what's going on in the mind vs what's going in the heart. This struggle can show up in adulthood of struggling to understand or find what makes your inner child happy. Struggling with what you need from people, struggling from what others need from you, Struggling with how being your own authentic self will be received? Work on healing around this. 

-Moon quincunx Pluto; obsessive edge kinda energy that can feel really uncomfortable. It can show up as a feeling that's difficult to find a solution to appease the inner child and adult self. For some, this can show up as a breakdown of sorts beneath the created identity presented by the Leo aspect of self, the part of yourself where you might not like to deal with shadows- deep- and what's uncomfortable? Hence during this Full Moon, something will make you uncomfortable and it's a cue to dig, to look for what may have changed without your notice, especially in areas you all along have felt secure or have even felt that the foundation is rock solid or permanent. Allow for this digging to lead to transformation but also be prepared to accept that something  may in the end need to be purged or demolished and how it should be done/or how much should things play out in your control may not remain in your hands. The complexity is real.

- Pluto w asteroid Pan; be conscious of Panic or panicking. Reserve judgement because sometimes fear definitely can get the better of you. You don't want fears to get the better of you especially if there are big things happening- you might start to feel very unsettled.

- Moon Sun opposition square nodal axis; Hearing we are now at a turning point in our evolution. You are turning a corner as far as your spiritual evolution is concerned.  

- Atropos and Ceto asteroids; Hearing for you to move away from being inflexible. Move away from "we're not going to change, we're just going to keep doing things the same way." It is a sign to deal with monstrous stuff from the past and to cut it off so you van move around this corner towards the north node. 

- North Node x Ceres- being pushed towards transcendence. Transcendence of victimhood and moving into making peace with it or towards a place of peace. Sedna in the NN is around moving away from victimhood. Start to focus on nurturing connections that nurture the minds that nurture yourself in regeneration.
-- Square to Sedna implies the instincts or those things that lie in your personal ‘blind spot’ may be causing friction, obliquely pointing out tension that again, you may not have been aware of; and with Sedna - North Node, how we handle these matters will determine your life direction. Sedna is also what you ‘know but don’t know’, knowledge you have that remains below the surface–and may be the very thing that Plutonian excavation is meant to uncover.
-- Eros x NN; Be careful of being flooded with superficial light especially when there's so much information and manipulation out there today. It is very important to nurture the inner child, to pay attention to what you are consuming so you can be shining. 

- Grand Cross; simply points out how important understanding what you're doing and why you're doing it is right now, because of the way it will determine your path into the future. That’s a big trajectory determined by choices big and small, even minute–the danger is that you convince yourself what you're choosing now doesn’t really matter, or that shifts in the path can easily be corrected later–it will be much harder to turn the juggernaut than you think; so better to aim well in the first place. Another part of this energy is also sharing - where you're resting now needs to be dismantled because taking it apart will insure well-being later on. 

- Sabian lunation;  perhaps  for some there's this stickiness into the whole nobody's listening to me kinda energy, but this energy is asking you to step back and not to take things quite so personally. It wouldn't be easy trying to be heard and finding ways to be heard when there's lots and lot's of voices. So it is also about being heard in your own unique way. 

For those dabbling in astrology- look to the house in your natal chart, the house that holds transiting Pluto during this Full Moon and the natal house it rules. This will provide you clues as to where to dig what needs changing and where information around material and security that needs to bring it to light. 


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