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Weekly Energy Forecast 14th February to 20th February

Weekly Energy Forecast 14th February to 20th February

Card Pull for this week:
Be determined to work on or start tackling what have been troubling you or what have been blocking your joy. Hearing for those finding their dreams a little broken, where can you then put in the energy towards better alignment? Ask for help if needed, be open to receiving guidance and help from what's around you. Sometimes seeking from the wrong places only bring in more disappointments. 

14th February- Pallas Athena into Aries till 30th April 2022
Energy supporting drawing upon wisdom for how to solve problems and where to look for solutions in a go-getter manner. When it was in Pisces, the energy was more passive, tendency to turn the other cheek, surrender or even just simply wait for the tide to turn. If you are proactive and you want to resolve conflicts and blocks- work with this energy. 
- Energy also bring up awareness around- gatekeeping the idea of being a woman and seeking to devalue all those who aspire to it sounds like another awful form of patriarchy, but with different bodies. 
- Observe and try not to be too hasty and question yourself whether you are perceiving something or someone based on internalised patriarchy and supremacy. 
Mercury re-entering into Aquarius and the pace is now picking up, so ideas that you visited around New Year are now better framed, better understood and perhaps you are better ready for the changes intuited now. Hearing being open to new ideas, different perspectives and widening conversations to include different people-connections-resources. Feeling like there's this movement into new energy so similar wavelength and frequency matters. Hearing just because the energy shifts into something broader and freer doesn't mean you forget how to discern. 
- Be careful of just doing mental exercises; philosophy without practice is an intellectual exercise at best. Hearing for you to look into health, body, nuturing and security-how do you secure this in the 3Dimensional Realm. 
- Changes that are happening are on track if you allow it, doors are closing but so are doors opening. 

15th February- Mercury x Pallas
Energy supporting allowance of new information, new ideas to explore, new conversations and even new ways of thinking. Hearing more active mode to implement any solutions and be more positive-right in doing so, you gotta strike while the iron is hot. However same lessons between 11th-13th will show up again especially around space and allowance in self-nurturing and what are you holding onto that's from the past?
- Hearing the spiritual world can seem like a mixed bag because people and energies do not like to give up power, even if the power is built on silencing/sacrifice/suppression of others. It's the same energy that has kept capitalism anchored as it is into reality. So when you want to be centering the self, it is more about seeing yourself as your own point of reference and holding yourself accountable for what you do. Hearing also be aware of gaslighting in the name of "the greater good" and "knowing better", sometimes old energies like to style themselves as a new frequency but it is actually the same old thang. 
- Be open to how action and consequence collide eg. past and future coming together in the now. 
- Growth here for those whom are over-doing compassion to a point where you lack sense of self, sense of self-identity- you might be triggered by actions based on a negative sense of tribalism or identify affiliation. Look deep into what your actual energy is?
- Leo Moon here will be inspiring passion and whatever that makes your heart sing. Hearing though for some of you to look at hidden strings or manipulations on your heart, and also where you may be doing the same to others. It is easy to get caught up with the emotions of things but be discerning about the energy behind them. 
Affirmation: I am a passionate creator. 

16th& 17th February- Inner Child Healing + Being Seen/Heard 
Moon quincunx Pluto- deep material in the psyche is being activated and it's going to be uncomfortable, and to an extent- you might not even want to see it. Hearing the trick here is to learn to make small adjustments, acknowledge fear and then take one step out of it and play your own role- the role you're meant to be doing. For some, if you are long struggling with issues around needing approval/ gaining approval from others then it is important to seek help for what's the fast step to get out of this wound. Sometimes the difficulty lies in the fact that it's family wounding, so help to facilitate this will help towards your own empowerment. 
- Second Venus-Mars conjunction; it's the enmeshment of yin-yang/ masculine and feminine. During this period, there's no wrong being more masculine or more feminine but it is important to practice diplomacy, practice learning to understand heart's desires rather than impulsively acting on heart's desires. Positive side of this aspect is that you can use this energy to help you take action in regards to what you love and value, can also help you in your commitment to figure out a part or at least a piece of what you truly value. For some, this can look like a relationship deepening. For others, this will mean the current relationship no longer serves. Hearing allow for things to unfold but be clear about direction. Potential for deeper union within self. 
-Mercury x Ceres; energy here an be pretty intellectually stimulating. Great time to look at decisions surrounding larger agreements and acceptances in the way one navigate relationship karma. Hearing for you to be aware of your presence, your breath and your silences- choose when to engage and when to not. For you, if you happen to be struggling, it's time to find someone to talk to. 
- Full Moon in Leo reading can be found here.
Themes of Inner Child healing, whether your deepest self is being seen or head, deep material in the psyche being activated. Karmic life events showing up. 
Affirmation: I nurture myself first because my well-being is the foundation of what I create. 

18th February- Thrilling sextile between Jupiter and Uranus 
Lucky energy supporting big picture and big picture perspective if you dare to raise your frequency, dream a little bigger and rise well above. Potential for breakthroughs, lucky break, or even an awakening or surprising journeys (inward or outward). Look out for greater freedom for the Collective due to legal developments round technology-platforms, good news around invention or even revolutionary change for new philosophies or culture shifts. Leverage on this energy because it holds alot of opportunity for forward momentum. 
- Sun going into Pisces; might feel the soul's urge to rest and reflect. Or give yourself space and time to work with the feelings that's floating up during this period. How do you feel about last year- moments when you held faith or when you've wavered?

19th & 20th February- Sun x Ceres
Energy feeling like one is at odds with themselves because you will be juggling empathy/understanding vs rationality/liner thinking. For some of you, you will be dealing with differences in what you perceived as a form of understanding for a loved one vs what they want at the moment, this misperception can hinder intimacy and further self-understanding to simply be self. For some, this energy can look like suddenly feeling you need time for yourself, you want time to explore your interests, you want time to be better at your hobby. Hearing the key is about finding the balance during this energy, to give yourself space will be then your ability to give others' space as well. 
- Collectively, it will be a test of faith in self. How can you consciously keep opting for emotional alignment for self? How can you see this as a form of power?
Affirmation: I use my emotional energy as the source of my creative power. 



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