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Weekly Energy Forecast 28th February to 6th March

Weekly Energy Forecast 28th February to 6th March

28th February& 1st March-
Chiron forming a sextile to Juno.It’s an invitation to apply healing to a relationship or to fix a contract. However, the louder conversation comes from the triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Vesta in Capricorn all forming a trine to the North Node. Mars trine the North Node is exact on February 28 followed by Venus and Vesta on 1st March.
- You can liken the energy here to having big conversations about relationships and what's sacred at home. For some, it can look like zooming into relationships to see if you're getting what you should be getting. 
- Karmic consequences are also sped up- both positive and negative. If you have been authentic, honourable to self and respectful to self- you will yourself hitting a milestone in your life. However for those whom haven't been too authentic or honest (doesnt' mean you're a bad person) to self, you might find yourself facing the NN in Taurus issues- feeling stuck and mired in the mud. 

2nd March- Mercury x Saturn in Aquarius;
Opportunity for serious discussion. Energy when Saturn is in aquarius- being forward thinking, thinking for the future however the message here is that the future starts now. What you do now matters because these are foundation stones for the future. Be careful of negative thinking. If necessary, seek help to make decisions that promote maturity. 
- Sun sextile Uranus; hearing break the mould and try something different especially if what you are doing isn't working anymore. Encourages a life upgrade, a revamp or even a baby-step modernisation. Progress is possible only if you dare to break out of old ways of being. 

3rd &4th March- New Moon in Pisces, Uranus x Juno
Focus here is on going large with your dreams. Energy of closing one chapter and beginning a new one. 
-Uranus x Juno- broken agreements, gotta make snap decisions around relationships, distancing in connection where there was once closeness if necessary. Mars x Pluto- flashpoints of anger so it is best to monitor your own "hot button". Fear and anger can be a dangerous combination and the tendency to put up a fight against those things you have no control over is a waste of energy at best, destructive at worst. However, you can still channel this potent destructive energy wisely into constructive tasks. Draw strength from this destructive energy towards breaking barriers in what's holding back self. 
- Venus energy here is resulting in some deep inner digging and sometimes what's coming up isn't so pleasant. This is where jealousy, envy can worm its way in, eating away at love. 
- Venus x Pluto- whatever you are attracted to at this time can consume you, don't let it consume you. Strip away everything getting in the way of what you value and step away from power games. Do a self-check if you've fallen under old toxic patriarchal paradigms of what you "should be" to be lovable or wealthy. You might have been feeling this disgruntled energy or resentment since end of November 2021- time to wrap this up now. 

5th March- Sun yearly conjunction to Jupiter 
Energy here can be very lucky if you are willing to broaden your horizons and hold out your hands to receive what your energy can gift you. Be careful of the tendency to go too far, to get swept away so high such that you lose sight of yourself and even your ego. 
- Anchoring/ Grounding is necessary to make the best of this aspect.

6th March- Mars enters Aquarius 
Energy can come across as more inclined to fight for the rights of others, to challenge unjust politics and to initiate friendships with like-minded people. 
As Venus is still travelling close to Mars, she also enters Aquarius on the same date. Energy here comes a feeling that a change is as good as a rest. You might be able to gain some perspective on matters that have been vexing you and bring some objectivity into the equation.
-- Relationships might not feel quite so romantic under this influence, but friendship is important.
Venus and Mars meet once again in their extra long dance they have been doing with one another since the end of January 2022. They are beginning to slowly begin to draw apart, finally leaving the sphere of each other’s influence on 8th April. Considering both have just been conjunct Pluto, it feels like this is touching base with one another after a great transformation. Each has been stripped bare of falsities and facades. Each have been taken back to their core truths, naked in one another’s sight. Now they have nothing to hide so can meet openly, honestly. Perhaps these themes too are playing out in your own life.. Focus on what is true for you, what is truly your energy, what is truly authentic. Focusing on the negative aspects can snuff out this positive energy for good.
----Mercury in Aquarius forms a square to the North and South Nodes; this energy may mean that to facilitate your spiritual growth, you need to connect with your community, make your voce heard in the group, speak up in society, strike up a conversation with a stranger or even simply make a decision about the future.


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