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Jupiter in Pisces- Gemini

Jupiter in Pisces- Gemini


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Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 10thhouse of career, public persona, reputation, and status in society. During this transit, there will be an opportunity to go further with your career through professional development. Maybe you apply for a new position, you are offered a promotion, or a new boss brings benefits to the current role you are in. If you’ve been struggling to get ahead, this transit may signal a time when you feel like you’re on top of your game. Doors open when you knock. Helpers and benefactors return your calls. Perhaps you receive an award or gain recognition in other ways. You’re learning so much on the job, absorbing all there is to know. This can include taking courses at work to further your knowledge or doing some personal reading to boost your opportunities in the workplace. Some may find themselves working in Jupiter related professions – law, the travel industry, teaching or publishing. Careers in the voluntary sector may also draw your attention too – both paid and unpaid positions. With Pisces on your 10thhouse cusp, you need work that engages your soul and/or imagination.

Uranus is currently travelling through your 12thhouse, so it’s possible that you have been hiding your uniqueness. What makes you different is exactly what others want when Jupiter sextiles Uranus. Inhabit your weird. Uranus is freeing you from old habits of self-sabotage in the background, but the real-world benefits of this process are becoming apparent. Be open to a career adventure.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune for you means your fairy Godmother may come in the form of a guide or mentor in the workplace, a new boss or higher-up that offers a benediction or a blessing. But offers that come through need to be checked to ensure they aren’t empty promises. For some, this aspect could also bring retirement or a sabbatical.

As Jupiter rules the 7th house of your relationships, it’s possible that a work colleague becomes a partner, or you find a new partner for your business. If you are self-employed, it’s possible that you will see greater demand for your business during this time – more clients or customers. Alternatively, perhaps you and your partner set up a business. There’s a distinct sense that working together with others will facilitate developments in your career. This theme is likely to become more prominent when Jupiter forms a sextile to Pluto – an aspect that can also speak of dealing with large amounts of money, banking, investments, and growth in assets.

Pluto has been travelling through your 8th house, pushing you to take relationships to the next level, forcing you to face fears, let go, address shadow material that can colour intimate partnerships. Perhaps a career opportunity, or public role will also relieve pressure on joint responsibilities, encourage a constructive change in a relationship or allow a relationship to end if it were not possible before.

The 10th house is also the house of public status. It is who you are out there in the world. With Jupiter, ruler of your 7th house of relationships, entering your 10th house of reputation, for some Geminis this may correlate to a proposal of marriage or a commitment to a partnership that is visible to others. As the 10th house can also relate to parenthood (along with the 4th house), this transit could also bring a child.


Love, light and blessings


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