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Jupiter in Pisces- Cancer

Jupiter in Pisces- Cancer


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 9th house. The 9th house is traditionally associated with the sign Sagittarius, which is also ruled by Jupiter, so Jupiter is effectively at home in this part of the chart. With Jupiter happy in its own domain, the opportunities you have during this transit are connected to broadening your horizons, international or long-distance travel, publishing, law, academia and religious belief. If you have a book inside of you, this is the time to put pen to paper and bring that story out into the world. Perhaps, with your incredible memory Cancer, you want to write a memoir, or a family saga.

You have a way of creating a nest for yourself and others but there comes a time when it's important to fly the nest and seek out new places, explore new heights. Jupiter in your 9th house will encourage you to fledge and stretch your wings. Whether it's publishing that novel or a round-the-world trip, Jupiter calls you to go beyond your back door and see what you can learn from an unfamiliar place. As I write, some travel restrictions are lifted so maybe this will manifest as literally jetting off to another country. But for some, perhaps this will involve exploration of inner space, through reading and studying different philosophies and beliefs to your own. When Jupiter is in the 9th house, we tend to find our faith grows and there is a more positive outlook on life. However, the flip side of this is that there's a tendency towards judgmentalism. It's important to keep the mind open and to be receptive to other opinions and ideals, even if you don't believe in them yourself.

Jupiter's sextile to Uranus however should help to prime the mind for new material. Uranus is currently in your 11th house of groups, networks, and future wishes. Maybe your social circle has changed a lot over the past few years or maybe you and your crew have ventured out to new places after getting bored of the same old routine. Jupiter sextile Uranus will invite you to venture further still and engage with new people. Given that Jupiter is in a house associated with beliefs and Uranus and the 11th house are connected to politics and society, maybe you find yourself drawn to get involved in a community project you really believe in. Alternatively, you could be making new friends because of travel or studies and excited by how different the future now looks.

Jupiter's conjunction to Neptune has a highly spiritual edge to it in the 9th house. This can symbolise religious experiences, visions, having the mind blown open by a teacher, gurus. Whilst this can be a beautiful experience that reshapes your beliefs, it's important not to get sucked into cult-like movements. No one person has all the answers to life's mysteries. There is more than one way to the Gods.

Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto may also speak to a compulsive fascination with someone who pushes you to see the big picture in life. Pluto has been moving through your 7th house of relationships, transforming this area so that partnerships are profoundly bonded and empowering. There may have been power games, deep shadowy material, toxicity in the past. But as Pluto moves towards the end of its journey here and Jupiter forms a sextile to it, there are rich experiences unfolding. A big change in relating opens doors to a better future.

Love, light and blessings


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