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Jupiter in Pisces Overview

Jupiter in Pisces Overview

Jupiter is comfortable in Pisces. Before the discovery of Neptune, it was Jupiterwho was given rulership over this sign. As Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it is associated with growth and magnification. Collective associate Jupiter with concepts such as The Big Picture, wisdom, law, philosophy. Jupiter is called The Great Benefic as he’s connected to the idea of fortune and good luck, blessings and abundance.


-13th May 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces
- 21st May 2021 Sun square Jupiter
- 4th June 2021 Venus trine Jupiter
- 20th June 2021 Jupiter stations retrograde in Pisces
- 23rd June 2021 Sun trine Jupiter
- 12th July 2021 Mercury trine Jupiter
- 22nd July 2021 Venus opposite Jupiter
- 28th July 2021 Jupiter retrograde re-enters Aquarius
-18th July 2021 Jupiter stations direct  in Aquarius
- 29th December 2021 Jupiter direct re-enters Pisces
- 4th February 2022 Mars sextile Jupiter
- 18th February 2022 Jupiter sextile Uranus
- 5th March 2022 Sun conjunct Jupiter
- 21st March 2022 Mercury conjunct Jupiter
- 12th April 2022 Jupiter conjunct Neptune
- 27th April 2022 Mercury sextile Jupiter
- 30th April 2022 Venus conjunct Jupiter
- 3rd May 2022 Jupiter sextile Pluto
- 11th May 2022 Jupiter enters Aries
- 28th July 2022 Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries
- 28th October 2022 Jupiter retrograde re-enters Pisces
- 15th November 2022 Venus trine Jupiter
- 16th November 2022 Mercury trine Jupiter
- 21st November 2022 Sun trine Jupiter
- 24th November 2022 Jupiter stations direct in Pisces
- 6th December 2022 Mercury square Jupiter
- 9th December 2022 Venus square Jupiter
- 20th December 2022 Jupiter exits Pisces

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