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Jupiter in Pisces- Libra

Jupiter in Pisces- Libra


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 6th house of daily life, work and service, health, and routines. If there have been health issues, Jupiter could bring a better understanding of what you are dealing with, improvements in physical matters, a great doctor who understands, or a sense of peace with what is. For some, there could be a magnification of symptoms or problems with the hips or weight gain if you are susceptible. However, in all matters, Jupiter is a protective force so it should aid you to find the right information and helpers. Whilst it is important to have proper medical advice for physical conditions, complimentary health practices may also help such as reiki, crystals, or herbalism. Your body is extremely sensitive to your environment so Jupiter may encourage you to create better daily practices that focus on optimism and faith. Belief is key in all forms of healing with this placement.

In matters of work and service, it's possible that Jupiter brings more work so if you have been looking for a job, this could be the time you land your catch. Those already in employment could find issues with colleagues resolved and a busier but happier office. Generally, there are improvements in the 9-5 that leave you feeling emotionally satisfied. As the 6th house is associated with skills, this is the perfect time to upskill. Take a course. Apply for an apprenticeship. Learn a craft. Jupiter is the natural ruler of your 3rdhouse of schooling and education so there’s a thirst for knowledge.

The 6th house is also the house of pets and domestic animals. Jupiter's transit here could bring more furry friends into your life. Applications for service animals such as guide dogs, hearing dogs for the deaf and support animals of all kinds may come through now, to the benefit of all. Note that when Jupiter meets Neptune, this could indicate taking on a rescue animal.

Uranus is currently in the 8th house of shared resources. If your partner's money situation has been unstable or you have struggled with unexpected changes, Jupiter's sextile to Uranus could offer a way out or a breakthrough. Perhaps an extra job helps to pay off debts, better health means going back to work, or improved job situation means approval for a loan. If there has been a separation or shock departure, Jupiter's connection to Uranus may help to bring back ease and joy in the little things in life.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune may bring a guardian angel in the from of a nurse of doctor or other medical professional. As noted above, you may also find a strong pull towards the spiritual dimension of healing. However, don’t leave all realm of reason behind and simply go on faith. Sometimes miracles do happen but it’s still important to take all practical precautions when it comes to health matters.

Pluto has been travelling through your 4th house, slowly transforming your home situation as well as excavating the past. There may have been many changes in your domestic life and family situation and an accompanying pressure to release memories and experiences that have held you back from stepping into your power. As Jupiter reaches out to speak with Pluto it is easier now to see how this deep personal journey is birthing a better life as well as greater confidence. On a practical level, this aspect could also mean that you decide to make some home improvements.


Love, light and blessings


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