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Jupiter in Pisces- Leo

Jupiter in Pisces- Leo


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 8th house, the part of the chart associated with shared resources, intimacy, transformation and change. Your modus operandi is positive, colourful and playful. Your naturally child-like exuberance delights others and part of you needs the attention to shine. But the 8th house draws you to go deeper, to dive into mysterious worlds that are full of dark shapes and strange shadows. Given that currently you are doing a lot of work on your interpersonal relationships (Saturn in Aquarius), this Jupiter transit offers you the chance to develop greater trust and transparency. This is about learning to understand yourself and others on a deeper level. If you've been struggling with fears, Jupiter could help you to overcome them through the practice of self-compassion. This could be an excellent time to have therapy or do shadow-work. You may also find yourself more drawn to magical practices that increase your self-belief.

Jupiter in the 8th house may bring practical benefits as well as psychological ones. For example, your partner may get a raise, or have their application for a loan signed off. If you have been waiting for money from others in connection to legal issues, this transit should help to resolve that. There may be an inheritance, a grant, a lottery win, more support for your work, charitable gifts. This is an excellent time to apply for a loan, grant, mortgage or other kind of credit however it's important to keep debts manageable as Jupiter can be tempted to ask for more than it needs. Note that Jupiter rules your natal 5th house, a house associated with gambling. Still, a well calculated application for funding could bring you what you need. The opportunities and funds available during this time are likely to serve the purpose of supporting your children, creativity and enjoyment in life.

The sextile between Jupiter and Uranus will bring together your 8th house of shared resources and change and 10th house of career and public image. Uranus has been bringing some surprises in your career house, pushing you to diversify, show your uniqueness and do something different in this realm. For some, Jupiter sextile Uranus may bring a new job opportunity that will pay better than your current position. For others, maybe you’re starting a side hustle. A deepening relationship or a willingness to face a fear may result in positive progress in your professional life.

Jupiter's conjunction to Neptune in the 8th house may be the miraculous funding you were hoping for, or the dream love that you were praying for. However, there is also the potential for building someone up into something they are not. Whilst it's a beautiful thing to honour the holy in someone else, it's important to remember that they too are human. Lean into Saturn to help set good boundaries so you don't end up feeling taken advantage of, financially or otherwise.

Pluto is currently travelling in your 6th house. It’s function here is to transform how you serve the world (your daily job) and your health. Maybe there have been power dynamic issues at work or there have been health matters to attend to. Either way, Pluto has been encouraging you to dig deep in these areas, eradicate what isn’t working, take back control of your health and your schedule. Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto increases the benefits of the challenging work you are doing in this area. Relationships with colleagues become easier as understanding grows. Less resistance to change facilitates daily healthy practices.


Love, light and blessings


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