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Jupiter in Pisces- Taurus

Jupiter in Pisces- Taurus


Jupiter in Pisces will take place in your 11thhouse of friends, networks, society and future hopes. Finding kindred souls will be important during this transit. When it comes to friendships, you need to feel a deep soul bond with someone who has a shared vision. Jupiter will ask you to make time to socialise and/or get involved with clubs or events that speak to your heart. The 11th house is also where we find politics, humanitarian causes and group endeavours so Jupiter’s presence here may bubble up as a strong need to get involved. Maybe you’re helping your local political party or town’s council proceedings. Maybe you’re hooking up with your friends to share your love of poetry, fine wine or to practice tarot. For some, Jupiter in the 11th house can bring involvement with people who have a cultural background different to your own. Whatever the motivation, Jupiter in your 11thhouse brings benefits through other people. Network, network, network because you never know who will help you out in the future. Also, as Jupiter is the ruler of your 8th house of shared resources and intimate partners, it’s possible that a friend made now could become a partner later down the line, or someone who supports you in other ways.

Jupiter in the 11th house also encourages you to think about the future. What is your five-year vision, your ten-year goal, your retirement plan? Jupiter in the 11th house reminds you that there are a multitude of possibilities. Make a bucket list. Look at the abundance of life-long learning you have already absorbed and consider how that could be used to manifest your long-term vision.

Uranus has been moving through your 1st house, radically shifting your perception, changing how you see the world and how others see you. There may have been an urge to rebel at times, maybe even painful separations, but Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus says that you can now assimilate new ideas and perspectives and accept difference of opinion with grace. The blossoming new you will welcome making new connections.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in your 11th house may find you a fairy-Godmother amongst your social circle or stimulate idealistic dreams for society. Having a vision of how things could be in the world is wonderful but don’t let that vision leave you feeling deflated with what is already here. The same goes for your hopes for your future as it’s easy to get carried away with a dream. There’s wonderful imaginative energy to draw upon so a lot is possible, but don’t set the bar so high you have no chance of achieving it.

Pluto has been moving through your 9th house and its passage here has been forcing you to reject old beliefs that limit your thinking. The 9th house is also a house associated with hope, truth seeking and expanding your horizons. As Jupiter forms a sextile to Pluto, there will be an opportunity to see the benefits of the work that you have been doing to create a more empowering belief system. Faith in the future is bolstered by a change in religion or philosophy, deep focus on academic studies or powerful experiences in foreign places. The power of a group vision can move mountains.


Love, light and blessings


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