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New Moon in Aquarius 2022

New Moon in Aquarius 2022

New Moon in Aquarius 13:45 GMT+8

This New Moon conjunct Saturn/ square Uranus in Taurus- bi-polarisation that occured mainly through 2021 will continue through 2022. Be open to insights coming through situations of barrier, delay, detour or even more surprising clarity on top of your "so-called" inner surety especially around innovation-invention-modernisation on existing realities. Energy isn't very emotional but rather inflexible, not rigid but inflexible- it is an ideal time to draw your focus within. Built-up of this New Moon will climax on the 4th and the turn of tides, new thing taking prominence, inevitability of delays will give reason for you to turn attention towards the power you. hold, your space among figures of authority, your space in this vast Collective. Hearing additional focus will come in on areas you have been trying to work, have been trying to address or have had made healing progress recently- the New Moon energy here support re-adjustment to values and what you honour in your life in a deep-soul manner. For some, this New Moon can be felt as lacking inspiration, lacking vision or even lacking motivation or feeling life is progressing slowly. Instead, use the energy to see clearly what are you trying not to see by compensating with movement-action? Have you check and make sure that your foundations are in place? Generally for the collective, there's a message around needing to take your tiime to build a new world for self. For some, simply being alive is a kind of surviving, a kind of allowing the energies to shape you. Be aware that this New Moon might be difficult for those resisting idea of responsibilities or obligations or for those whom define freedom as the solution to happiness or freedom as doing whatever you want. Best to focus on your own responses to your own individuality, to honour your own uniqueness.

This New Moon energy is centered around Saturn and Aquarius,  the energy here does not promote having a bird's eye view of issues anything that is more futuristic although the energy support deep insights into a specific area of life. There's also a distinct lack of fire energy which will come up as lacking vision or lacking motivation. So when it comes to dealing or restructuring what's a new way of connecting, a new way of communicating, a new way of being together, there's intense focus but progression just feel really slow. This slowness can also come up as history repeating itself around situations where freedom, liberation, progressive mindsets are being challenged. This can be a pretty conflicting energy because it feels like wanting to go fast and deep yet you find no way to move forward, to lunge forward. 

New Moon in Aquarius 
Influence of new perspective, new start, new outlook around political systems, groups and networks, community and society and also humanitarian causes and thinking- definitely on what can be progressive. Positive activities- mingling and being open to new insights, brainstorming with other people, visiting new sources of information. The key is take it slow, even if an idea or insight seems amazing for a start, think of implementation, think of readiness, think of effectiveness and whether is it for the Collective's higher good at this moment. Just be mindful that the awareness comes with a kind of wild card energy.

- Saturn Uranus Square; this is one of the time where this influence feels so meshed in with whatever's that's going on because Venus and Mercury retrograde squeezed alot out of the Collective already. The energy here is change needs to be acknowledged, even if a part of your innate Taurean feels resistant to revamping around what you deem valuable, what you deem as a kind of asset. So there's this tug of war energy around how far and fast change should go, so even if nothing is changing right now, the change will definitely be coming. If change are going too slowly at the moment, it will get faster and you can also allow it to go faster. Look into where you are managing change, where you are setting terms and conditions for change to happen, look into tweaking a little bit of those terms. 

- Uranus-Hygeia energy; look towards where you have been putting health issues and matters at the back, or ignoring it till you crash. For some, it can even look like do you even give yourself power to fall ill, to nurse the imbalance and come back stronger? Where does addressing health issues make one feel the need to hide or cower? Great time to set intention towards addressing it because there's supportive energy around being independent, being proactive in taking responsibility for your own vital force sustainability. And this is what will lead to natural motivation and vigour for living, to handle challenges with sustained momentum, to realise growth is fun when it's done in tandem with the universe. 

- This New Moon can also be bringing up issues around social circle and community especially around whether you truly fit in if you start to become you? Whether you feel connected to the people you are routinely hanging out or meeting up with? Whether you give yourself permission to disconnect and then connect back when old friends are now on the same frequency or vibration. For some, this energy can come across as wanting to be alone, wanting space, and for communication to be a little aloof between couples especially where there's already some distance (physically or not). Hearing the key is to keep in mind that this is definitely not personal, if you are having conflict with someone then stepping back will allow for that perspective to come in and you definitely need this perspective. 

- Hearing for some, you will be tested on your ability whether you are able to receive and measure what's going on in the atmosphere around you; be it physical, emotional, spiritual or even etheric level. Are you observant of the conditions that you find yourself in? Are you mindful of what's in your subconscious psyche? This can also look like self-check whether are you looking towards fashion or fads even when it comes to spirituality (buying into what the masses is into at the moment, or even quick solutions w strong karmic consequences- there's aplenty around these days with the new age movement), or do you control change by following the crowd? You will want to reassess where's your anchor deep deep within. Positive aspect of this energy- learning to perceive subtle changes and being able to anticipate shifts so that you know how to set off on your own journey with decent provisions.
For those that want to understand this energy bigger karmically, look towards 2015 Mercury Retrograde influence around January and February. 



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