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Weekly Energy Forecast 31st January to 6th February

Weekly Energy Forecast 31st January to 6th February

Card Pull for the week: 

Week for healing childhood woundings; if childhood or adulthood fail to meet your expectations- do understand that its not solely you, but you are still responsible for part of it and it's important to focus on the energy, not the narrative and shift the energy.
Hearing for you to make it a habit of scheduling in time for your inner child to engage with you, to guide you, to have fun together with you. 

31st January- Ceres final conjunction to North Node
This final conjunction- the energy here is around time to put money where your mouth is, to implement practical solution of what you know. (The last two conjunctions last year, one in August and one in December- alot of ideas or new way of thinking was inspired.) However now for evolution, the energy is pushing you in getting your hands dirty to do the work, to get out of the head and into the body of creation. To further nurture and grow material resources. 
- Another reference point is to look at how others have solved similar problems to any you are encountering if you are feeling confused or stuck. Alot of information is stored in the collective unconsciousness. 
- Uranus trine Vesta; energy pushing for you to consider alternative perspectives. Choose revolution over rigidity when it comes to approaching responsibilities and systems.

1st February- New Moon in Aquarius 
Detailed reading in New Moon in Aquarius post

2nd February& 3rd February- Not a great time for deeper facilitation as so much can be triggered inadvertently
Hearing when it comes to Soulmate, don't jump the gun. Be aware of explosive dynamics in groups and familial interactions. Good period to listen to the voices of the youth or the young people. 
- Be careful of blame and shame game dynamics, especially where patriarchal narratives likely to blame feminine and non-binary energies for mistakes. Do note that if you come from a space of blind bias, your judgement can mire you further into the muck. 
- Thereus energy here will aggravate those holding masculine archetypes, key is to be a space of strength and safety for yourself. 
- Hearing to be careful of falling in love with potential; it would end up in unsavoury situation of imposing upon others your expectations and thinking it's normal for others to do the same. This rarely turns out well. 

4th February- Mercury going Direct
Before we get too excited, Mercury and Venus influence are still in the background, March will be like the New Year that everybody's anticipating after such prolonged period of compression energetically. For some, because of Jupiter's energy, feeling more bold+courageous is good but do exercise some restraints. 
- Sedna conjunction to NN; you're being shown how your physical and spiritual evolution are intertwined with one another. Hearing for some, this can seem like stepping away from the murkiness of collective consciousness, seeing a way of transcending pain and suffering, or even an alternative to bitterness and victimhood. 
- Sun x Saturn; energy is illuminating wisdom gaining from experience, revamping hard times to challenging times that allow growth. 

5th February- Pallas x Pluto
Hearing the energy here feels like what is the strategy or the best way to maintain peace and stability even if situation feels distinctly unstable. Energy supporting pattern recognition and problem solving.

6th February- Chiron x Mars
Hearing Chiron energy is reminding the dangers of pushing the limits of situation, pushing yourself too hard, going overboard in proving yourself.. and all these stems from negative pressure of fearing rejection or failure rather than enjoying the momentum of creation or challenges. Often it's not easy to identify whether it's a negative or positive pressure; hearing for your to look at the triggers. Also, find a healthier way to release and acknowledge frustrations.


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