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Weekly Energy Forecast 7th February to 13th February

Weekly Energy Forecast 7th February to 13th February

Card Pull for the Week:
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Hearing it will be supportive to admit to self where you have done wrong and done right as you grow through this humanhood. Look into the part of you that's stuck in a glasshouse, create changes for more consistency. 

Anyone with any aspect near 11 Virgo- Grand Earth Trine- watch your digestive system, mental and nervous health. Fennel tea might be useful this period. 

7th& 8th February- Pressure for revolution 
Moon energy forming intense pressure, can make one feel at odds with the current way of doings that you know need to change but the question is- How to change? What to change to? There's also a duty bound feeling towards needing to stabilise worldly achievement and accomplishment but this energy seems more comfortable keeping everything in rather than risk upsetting status quo. For some of you, if you are too much in your crown chakra trying to make sense of a direction, make sure there's answers- even answers that suddenly pop out of nowhere might not be permanent. Simply answering is an energy, having an answer doesn't make it a right one. 
- Mars energy is supportive especially around glimpsing true intimacy, and there's this slow nurturing kinda energy to continue forward. For some, Mars energy can show up as an intensity of a conflict if your loved ones or enmeshing energies with your loved ones hold the expectation of requiring you to energetically give up parts- or aspects of your life for the greater good of the whole. With this tension, some of you are finding a smarter or more inventive ways to complete this mission. Hearing more inclined got bend the rules a little as long as your goal and you fulfilling your responsibility can be achieved. Be careful of self-doubt that delay trying or attempts to shift forward.
- Gut feeling is also strengthened and if you start to see a pattern to your behaviour, or a reason for resistance then channel more self-compassion to dissolve any unease and allow any alternatives to slowly come to your awareness.
Ask yourself- Where can I do the work associated with creating genuine intimacy?
- Focus also on the embodied actions you take each day that help you all secure what you see as attachments of value. Be open to potential changes in relationships, health and career (might not be good or bad). 

9th February- Familiarity 
Ceres was in Gemini from July to December of 2021 and now it's back in Gemini again till end March and then May. But from now till end March- you will be revisiting the same grounds you covered last year- echoes of the past returning and perhaps more insights coming from what had happened last year. This influence is very supportive around taking care of health and nurturing your own mind and communication with others. A part of that mothering nature, that mothering aspect will be back. The energy here is to help remind that you already have enough, there's definitely enough to go about for yourself and for others. For some of you that haven't fully learn this, you might experience the shadow end- feeling as if you have nothing to say, not enough ideas, not enough options, not enough information. 
- Spiritual evolution heightening ever since 4th February, so look towards the part of you that have been hurt, bitter, betrayed and see how can these experiences be transmuted into something positive. Watch out for your own spiritual bypassing. 
- Accept help or receive help only if 
- 1. You do with no hidden strings or expectations attached
- 2. You abide by the terms of exchange (if present)
- 3. You do not take anyone for granted, including yourself
- It is normal that in a long-term dynamic or connection, people in the equation can become too comfortable with the arrangement and feel entitled to your energy. And if this comes up, be open to re-ironing out expectations. 
- Dreams; not being able to remember it.. look into your connection with your multi-dimensional selves. Also eating or drinking anything in dreams are signs of accepting a contract or having a constraint. 
Affirmation: I am a cosmic revolutionary. 

10th February- Great Attractor energy
Be careful of romanticisation surrounding partnerships and mergers- and things trying to force you into a connection that isn't right for you. Make sure your heart isn't looking at the world through ego-tinted glasses. 
- Be careful of random things that come along and try to change some fundamental aspect of your path and or yourself-- Ask yourself: "Is this real?", "Is this good for me?", "Am I betting on my idealisation of something or someone, or the reality of their existence?". 

11th& 12th February- Mercury Retrograde 
Mercury is triggering the Pluto-North Node trine which was there since 17th October 2021 and will be in orb till 29th July 2022. Energetically you might feel a flow but for some, it can feel like being alerted to a pattern repeatedly. You will be tested on power of mind, the power of words you tell yourself and others, and the evolution of your mind. 
- Energy is preparing for each and everyone in the Collective for changes that are afoot, while being prepared for deconstructing of systems. At back, you might have been under Pluto energy applying pressure, forcing elimination and transformation, forcing you to take back your power slowly and surely. This energy feels like cramming for exams kinda energy, like needing to nailed down the techniques the key points so that one can progress. 
- Cyllarus enters Cancer till June 2022- try not to jump the gun. Relook into what triggers your knee-jerk reactions regarding family, domesticity, home, family, origin, traditions or customs-- whichever that hit the family button for you. What's the spear getting in the way? 
- Co-dependency narrative, cases where you feel like you're living for someone or 
willing to give up everything including yourself for another person- codependency ties, vows , contracts - reassess why you are still holding onto it, or is this even appropriate? 

13th February- Passion
Finding a balance between passion, sustenance and dream. Timing is also key in sharing your passion. Hearing look towards where you tend to avoid a dream or a potential simply because you're afraid it won't come true. 
Learn to separate excitement from fear.
- Avoid one-way transfers of energy or resources that pedestalise yourself or another. Can be a highly emotional time. Be careful of emotional manipulation. 



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