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Weekly Energy Forecast 24th January to 30th January

Weekly Energy Forecast 24th January to 30th January

Card Pull for the Week:

Right mix is the focus on harmonious blending of two aspects, not just about behaving in either masculine/feminine roles or being both of each energy. It's about blending both. This week- take action towards any potential imbalance that should be addressed.

24th January- Mars enters Capricorn
Under this influence, Mars energy encourages you to commit to, build and take action upon the ideas-plans-visions you have been refining especially in later part of the week when Mars-Venus-Mercury are all in Capricorn. 
Mars in Capricorn have an energy around working hard, giving 1001% into whatever you are passionate about and also ready for battle- but the downside of this energy can also come out as overly-disciplined (too rigid), impatient and even impulsive. For most in the Collective- it can come across as a sure knowing, a ready feeling, or a more awaken kinda energy in knowing you can do this/you need to do this, simply because Mars in Capricorn has no space for "I can't.". Hearing issues or situations around accountability will surface as "Am I using enough of my time and resource to do and construct what I think is of value and bring me the worth I desire?". Take note - any major decisions, allow for more clarity to settle around 4th February. 
- Pluto x Juno energy here also brings up the topic of commitment, connection whether it is social, for work-professional/business or even family or romantic. 
Question for thought: Is the intensity you are feeling in a soul connection one that transforms, one that heals, one that harms or one that abuses? Relationships are transformed when both parties show honesty and resolve.

25th January- L.Q.Moon in Scorpio x Aquarius sun energy
Hearing issues around trust in friendship or whether someone is ideally a lover, friend, confidante will be surfacing. Within the emotional intensity- there's this cool objectivity and have some caution when it comes to expressing emotions. Passion doesn't mean you neglect doing due diligence, where are you lunging into something blindly or not clear-seeing?

26th January- Mercury R. shifting into Capricorn 
This turn of energy brings an extra focus into responsibilities, ambitions and how you might want to refine or re-define accomplishments. Previously when it was in Aquarius- definitely not an easy time for everybody because Mercury putting a pressure-focus on the future, on our how the society connects/community around can show up as a deep sense of fear... for some, even agony, disbelief, shock, or feeling disillusioned or hopeless. Now, that it is back to where it was in December, the energy feels familiar but with more worms in the can being spotlighted. Eg. Parenting, Professional-work place structures will be areas for growth. Every decision you make have a consequence, look at what you do and say, not just what you think or hope. This is just going to be the start of a long process for self-work but it cannot be rushed, in fact the more realistic you are in your approach, the chances of a lasting-sustainable-dynamic foundation will be higher. 
- Special mention: Energy in Lilith in Gemini can feel like resentments, unspoken emotions surfacing in less than ideal ways. There's a harsh-conflicting energy so definitely either the perpetrator or the victim might feel suppressed, projected upon, devalued, pedestalised, illusion-delusion, disconnected etc. If you are the one re-triggering wounds or acting preemptively, have the humility and heart to listen to the consequences of your actions imposed on others. Hearing it will be kinder to all parties if all perspective is being discussed so that there's no erasure. Sometimes having trauma or pain doesn't mean anyone is more or less important simply because we all have a degree/aspect of ourselves that's healing-working-in-progress so it is important to allow a voice for everybody. if you find that you can't hold space, then have a conversation with clear boundaries. 
- For some, communication might feel alot denser especially if you didn't take actions to address pent-up issues during Venus Retrograde. 
- For some, energy can be more intense and like there might situations blown out of proportion due to control dynamics. Stay focus on directing the conversation to an energy of healing and truth.
- Healthwise, pay attention to bones, gut and neck. 

For Venus Retrograde, spiritually- what comes up via soulmate connections or soul contracts might have been engineered in the past be it via spells-occult orders-religions-community or various kind of agreements and suddenly you might just not be in the resonance with it NOW. Eg. if you feel compelled towards someone you don't want to be with, do a scan or self-journal/meditate and ask where do you think the connection lies in/cord lies in/agreement lies in? You will find answers for part of you where you are still holding onto energies you no longer wish to move forward with. 
Laymen: Look at the energy behind the connection and what it pushes you towards if you feel stuck on something. Quite sure you are not the only one trapped, the other party might feel trapped-stuck that they don't know how to explain. Release judgement so that you can facilitate your own movement forward. 

27th January- MR positive influence on re-feeding your mind
MR trine energy support tending to your mind like a gardener- what will you fertilise it with? What will you be weeding out? What will you be periodically checking for? What kind of seeds will you plant that complement each other? Pay close attention to what you say to yourself and what you say to others. If you have a habit of allowing your critical voice to push you towards negativity- do something around allowing yourself to work on it. 
- For some, you might want to take note of your physical environment, your network, your technological interfaces or even energetic interferences: possible for energetic loss or covert predation or unwarranted surveillance that you need to be aware of?
- Energy today can come across as someone insisting they need or desire something- but have some boundaries around projections of personal insecurity/emotional inadequacy/ emotional insecurity. And sometimes discernment looks like "Hold on a minute, let's reassess this entire thing" for both facilitator and those wanting help.
- Hearing if you need to engage, it is okay to be more elaborate about boundaries and protocols than to be slipshod and end up overshooting the mark, or underestimating the work. You don't want to add on to whatever is going on behind the scenes.

28th January- Vesta in Capricorn
Increased concentration and highlight on structures, systems and responsibilities. There's an opening for growth if you are open to seeing how your own personal wounds and limitations shape your interaction in seeing all aspects of structures-systems. Where are you unwilling to explore more? Where are you willing to explore more to gain insight and perhaps, even discovering your own backdoor? For some, this energy can look like you need to more rules, more authority, more delegation and boundaries to run a community-a household- a work team more efficiently. However the conflict also comes in as you not feeling strong enough or prepared enough to take on this task of ruling-of governing- of establishing a better system. Hearing you might shoot yourself in the foot if you still don't deal with painful triggers that's coming up. 

29th January- Venus stationing direct
Definitely some upliftment of heaviness, and for many, it can look like having a much clearer idea of what matters, what you value and what you hold dear and what you don't. Pay attention to what happen today to consolidate some of these teachings. 
- MR x Pluto (2nd); striping away outworn concepts and ideas to clarify thinking and a step towards soul truth. Not easy work especially with energies in Capricorn but the upside is mental acuity and strength of will. Hearing to look at what is tempting in the name of spirituality and whether is it good for you- or not?
- Chiron influence here means more insights around apart from what you are focused on, it's a matter of your own receptivity. There's alot of resolutions around potentially.

30th January- Change can feel a little too much 
Collectively, a part of the community is celebrating Lunar New Year so the joyful-family gatherings can overshadow the anxious-unsettled-weird- energies today. For some the changes leading up can look to be a potential new windfall, or feeling more thoughts-goals being aligned. For those ignoring the signs through the retrogrades, can feel like a breakdown is imminent. Take note that even if you are open to changes, too much can also scare your ego off, too much to respond to can also be pushing the limits of your sustainability hence restlessness or feeling partially ungrounded is common. 
- Juno trining NN is evidence of growth through karmic connections especially in relationships. Balance staying true to your purpose vs staying true to promises whether it is to self or another. You can formally commit and also formally quit something- key lies in execution. 

Happy Holiday and Happy Lunar New Year!

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